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King issues final order: All fired teachers reinstated

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NGABEZWENI – Government has finally reinstated all fired teachers as per the pronouncement by His Majesty King Mswati III when he officially closed the People’s Parliament on August 11.

Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku said the decision to reinstate the teachers came after consultation with all relevant structures.

Masuku disclosed that there were 107 reinstated teachers.

The latest development is expected to put to rest wide speculation and interpretation on what the Ingwenyama had said on the day.

Masuku said there had been "regrettable misinterpretation of the government’s actions" towards implementing the Royal command.

"Government would like to affirm that His Majesty the King at the Sibaya, pardoned teachers who were on strike.

"The King’s command and pronouncement was to the effect that all teachers abandon the strike and that all dismissed teachers be reinstated with immediate effect from the day of the pronouncement.

"The Ministry of Education and Training through the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) will implement the Royal Command, which is to reinstate all teachers who received dismissal letters from the commission."

The acting PM said government had consulted with the relevant structures, and further brought on board all concerned stakeholders towards the full and accurate implementation of the Royal Command.

"His Majesty’s government encourages the use of reconciliatory structures at all affected levels to ensure that healing, peace and harmony prevails in order for teaching and learning to take place.

"We are all grateful as a nation to have a revered monarch who listens to his people and continues to display unique leadership qualities. As government and the nation at large, we do not take this pardon for granted, and we will not do so in the future. In this regard we pledge to conform and abide by the pronouncements," he said.

Masuku said pronouncements made by the Ingwenyama were beyond reproach. He said government embraced this custom and was, therefore, collectively obligated to observe and implement each and every pronouncement.

Post-Sibaya back pay

NGABEZWENI – Salary back pay for reinstated teachers will only be effected for the period after the Sibaya pronouncement, which was on August 11, government has said.

Acting Prime Minister, Senator Themba Masuku, said any salary deductions that occurred before the Sibaya would not be compensated.

The implication of the government statement is that all teachers who did not receive their salaries this month because they had been removed from the government payroll will finally be paid.

It also means all teachers who took part in the strike action and were affected by the no-work-no-pay before August 11 will not be reimbursed.

"The reinstatement dates back to the time that the King made the pronouncement. We will not go back to talk about what happened before," he said.

New teachers to keep their jobs


NGABEZWENI – The 87 new teachers who had been hired to replace those who were fired will continue to hold on to their jobs.

Acting Prime Minister, Senator Themba Masuku, said there were still many vacancies left by retired teachers and others who resigned for greener pastures.

"This is why we continue to train teachers to fill these positions. The Teaching Service Commission will see to it that these teachers are also employed in other areas of need," he said.


These teachers were denied access to the schools they were posted to. School committees and parents had said they did not want the new teachers as the fired ones had been doing a good job. They also said hiring new teachers would jeopardise the chances of pupils passing the year-end examinations.

Even suspended teachers reinstated


MANZINI – All teachers who were suspended as a result of the strike will also be reinstated, Acting Prime Minister Senator Themba Masuku said.

Masuku said the effect of the Ingwenya’s pronouncement was that all teachers should return to work. "However, there is an exception to those who were suspended or fired for misdemeanours such as rape, fraud and other cases that had nothing to do with the strike."


The Acting PM said the King said all who had letters sending them home should return to work.


- bayethe wena waphakathi,uyingwenyama yemaswati.
August 30, 2012, 7:36 am, themba dlamini, dlangeni.

- The headline is really misleading. There was only one order and it was ignored until now. Even now can sense the reluctance to comply with it when you look at at the body language and the surgical words accompanying it on the recent government position. When you talk of a final order you suggest that there was a temporary or interim order and there was none such order but intransigenncy that has undermined one of the fundamental elements of the Swazi way of life.
August 30, 201, 7:37 am, Dzingiswako

Oh hail the King.uyimbhube uyesabeka.thats the swaziland we know.am not old but i uderstand a respecting swazi nation.and for those labacinisa inhloko sekukhulume ingwenyama bengicela mine njenge swazi citezen sebake bafakelwe tibuko.seba nebe and sebatikhohliwe
August 30, 2012, 2:53 pm, Linda (swelindz@gmail.com) 

- Bayethe wena waphakathi! You have shown the love, wisdom, and comprehending of the nation. Khula mlisa and be constant on your decisions never be intimidated by those people who undermine the teaching profession.
August 30, 2012, 2:53 pm, Khabalaza (Khabalaza.n@gmail.com)

- Bayethe wena waphakathi nguloko besikugadzile Solo Sikhilu
August 30, 2012, 2:53 pm, Sihlalo (dlaminisihlalo@hotmail.co.za)

- This is like an egg smeared in the government's face. Her plan to prove whose the boss was really futile.Vele what was the idea behind firing these teachers? increasing the unemployment rate that we all fight so much? clearly a government that acts like this does not have people's interests at heart. Imagine how much sabotage is done behind close doors if we get such a glimpse? Bayethe wena Waphakathi! Truly Swazi's were blessed with such a king!
August 30, 2012, 2:52 pm, Son of the swazi soil (bhekimayi@yahoo.com)

 - You are wrong there Dzingiswayo. The king esibayeni issued an order that teachers should abandon the strike action and return to class. That was directed to the teachers who had not been dismissed and those who had been hired as replacements of the dismissed one. Remember that the order to dismiss the teachers in the first place was an executive decision and we all know where executive power vests. I personally was not surprised when cabinet barred the dismissed teachers from returning to class. However the king has been compelled to reinstate the teachers in order to please the people who want the fired teachers reinstated. That is my take and I believe it is the truth. I hope teachers have learn t a lesson about taking decision while under the influence of mob psychology. They were not supposed to continue with the strike action after it had been declared illegal by the courts. They have lost a lot of credibility and they have given away valuable political points to the regime.
August 30, 2012, 2:51 pm, Thatha (thathamamba@yahoo.com)

- I would like to congratulate the Act PM for his maturity and wisdom. Defiance of the king's order was not going to get gov't any where. The Act PM has done a wonderful job and I like the tone and choice of his words, like healing and harmony. I hope he won't be reprimanded by his cabinet colleagues for humbling himself before the king's command and to the nation's wishes. Sitsi Halala Babe Act PM! Good job! Nangoke hulumende sibili! We were extremely tired of the stand-off!
August 30, 2012, 2:51 pm, Thoughts Without Borders (ths@gmail.com)

- Bayethe!!!Nkhosi!!
August 30, 2012, 4:43 pm, Sil

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