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Cabinet kicks out fired teachers

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MANZINI – Cabinet has reportedly replayed the King’s speech which he delivered at the Cattle Byre on Saturday and has concluded that teachers who were fired should remain at home.

Director of Education Sibongile Mtshali-Dlamini broke the news at Manzini Central High School yesterday where she was in the company of inspectors and the Regional Education Officer, Reginah Shongwe.

All seven teachers who were shown the exit door by the Ministry of Education and Training returned to the school on Monday saying they were heeding an order issued by His Majesty the Ingwenyama at the Cattle Byre.

However, the second day of the week was not normal when police officers arrived and patrolled the school, while the dismissed teachers grouped themselves near the school fence.

Word had already reached the school that a delegation of managers led by Mtshali-Dlamini would arrive to send home all the seven teachers who had been dismissed from the school about two weeks ago.

Upon arrival Mtshali-Dlamini asked all teachers in the school to come to Mfanyana Hall for a meeting.

It was there that she broke the news.

"It has come to the attention of the Regional Education Officer that there are now two camps at the school. One for the dismissed teachers and the other for the new teachers.

"As you know that Cabinet sits on Tuesdays, today they sat and listened to the King’s speech again.

"It was after listening to the speech that they then issued an instruction that teachers who should be in schools are those who are carrying letters of appointment.

"This means everyone should read the letters they are carrying and do what they say. You are then free to consult your employer and plead your case.

"We are sorry that we will not take questions because our mandate was only to deliver this instruction," she said.

The fired teachers were visibly saddened by the news. Some of them were not even comfortable to give interviews to news reporters.

Government spokesperson Percy Simelane when called to confirm whether what had been said by Mtshali-Dlamini was true said: "Cabinet business is confidential. You have our permission though to quote your source."

Dismissed teachers walk out of meeting


MANZINI – Dismissed teachers walked out of a meeting with the Director of Education Sibongile Mtshali-Dlamini.

They had already heard the gist of the message from Mtshali-Dlamini and were not comfortable staying any longer.

When Regional Education Officer (REO) Reginah Shongwe asked that the meeting be closed in a word of prayer, the teachers stood up and left the hall grumbling. "They can’t hide through prayers, because there is nothing that makes us happy with being fired," said some as they made for the exit point.

The Swaziland National Association of Teachers Secretary General Muzi Mhlanga, in an interview, said teachers were now confused, as seemingly, Cabinet was interpreting the King’s speech in their own way.

"This will not work and at the end of the day it is the pupils who are suffering," he said.

Pupils ‘go berserk’ upon hearing of new sacking


MANZINI – Manzini Central High School pupils threw stones onto the roofs of classrooms and toyi-toyed within the verandas after learning that their teachers had been sacked again.

The pupils started suspecting something was amiss when police officers armed with batons arrived in the school at about 2pm.

However, when the school bell rang twice at about 2.30pm, signalling that all should pack and go home, they rioted. They threw stones and sang songs as they marched up and down the verandas.

After the Education officials had officially communicated their message to the dismissed teachers, the pupils locked the gate, saying they wanted to sort out their principal. Meanwhile, they also sang songs that were calling for the principal to leave.

The Education officials led by Director of Education Sibongile Mtshali-Dlamini went to stand where pupils usually assemble in the morning as the pupils rioted.

They watched for a few minutes and later left.

This matter is now beyond me - TV


MANZINI – Acting Ludzidzini Governor Timothy Velabo Mtetwa said it was difficult for him to comment on the issue as it was now out of his jurisdiction.

After the question on the Cabinet decision had been put to the acting governor, he took a short while to think and then said: "What you are telling me is now too difficult to comment on.

"We have not even reached the King on this yet. I find it very difficult to comment at this stage," he said.

It was reported yesterday that Labadzala were scrutinising the King’s speech to ascertain what he said regarding the issue of the teachers who were fired.

However, our sister newspaper The Times Sunday reported that His Majesty said "teachers should return to work" while the proposed 4.5 per cent increment is deliberated.


 - I've been praying for wisdom for cabinet, but it's time I give up because they seem committed to creating civil strife in the country. If this is how the best ever cabinet acts, then I don't want to be the best. Don't they ever get tired of creating havoc? Don't they ever get weary? Hhayi bekunene, sicoleleni please. This is getting too much
August 15, 2012, 7:39 am, Mondo (mondo@gmail.com)

  - Dear editor. I'm extremely disappointed about the government move taken by the cabinet on the issue of teachers and swazi citizens who got fired for fighting for their rights. Awu lafa Labhuza!! What I can say is our cabinet is led by clowns and true rebels of our monarchy,honestly one has to say it..
August 15, 2012, 7:39 pm, mbalenhle mmema (vuyoheavens@gmail.com )

 - Hismajest turnd a deaf ear whn told 2 send home the Sibusiso Dlamini-led cabinate ngobe bayamonela.. Jst imagine the peace that the King had restord wth his wisenes, and here z cabinate working hard 2 destroy t... Tz a pitty he took no intrest in wht the nation told hm regarding the Cabinate mattr
August 15, 2012, 7:39 pm, lwazi Cebisa (ldzgeneral@yahoo.com)

- Who has a final word in Swaziland?? That cabinate yona nayonile ikeyacoshwa yini??Bekutidvomu letikolweni leti tacacabulwa ngulabo tishela to reach where they are!What was tha need of tha King yokubita sibaya,coz they have a final word?Swaziland is going down to its foundation ,this country is a million miles away from being ku first world!
August 15, 2012, 11:37 pm, Godvolunembhobo (fanyg_8@live.com)

August 15, 2012, 11:37 pm, Goodlat (goodlat@hotmail.co.za)

 - How is really in charge in the Kingdom? The king or the Cabinet? First the ministers interfere with the kings proceedings of Sibaya, "Protecting their jobs". Now the replay the King"s instruction and interpret it!!. Kukampundzi edla emini!!!. When the King is worried about people outside the kingdom which do not wish well for the country, I think He should be more worried about people in his circle who believe that peace and stability is brought about by suppressing and intimidation of the civilians. Just look around! Its time to show that "Sibaya" was more than "kutihhamula". The people of the country has spoken, the King listened!!! the Cabinate has started intepreting, what next??? Everyone is asking!question
August 15, 2012, 11:37 pm, thulani (masukumt@galmail.co.za)

 - This is so disheartning as we as a nation had hoped that the king had ironed things out for teachers. Our cabinet seems to be out to destroy this once peaceful nation. My prayer is that his majesty sees right through them and does what is right for the sake of his nation.
August 15, 2012, 11:37 pm, Jabu Fakudze (jabufakudze@gmail.com )

 - Well_well_well! it is clear and well said. The cabinet had to analyze the King's speach of which even the TV-lead crew will now have to analyze it? There is something fishy here. But what I observe is that TSC should fire all teachers then and the so-called cabinet should be realistic with their moves. You cant tell us that all the schools were not in full operation & our kids always returned with "we were doing nothing at school" only to learn that only a few teachers are fired? Shotsi vele kusho kutsi abecinisile Masitsela natsi siyatihhamula lesibayeni if labathishela remain fired. If it wasnt kutihhamula then lemiphumela le yekutihhamula bekunene noma kwatsiwa akahocise nje & it seems wahocisa under duress yet he was telling the truth.
August 15, 2012, 11:37 pm, Mazambane (mazapotatoes@yahoo.co.za)

  - Was Prince Masitsela wrong to say, "siye kuyotihhamula" esibayeni? Didn't the people call for the removal of the Prime Minister and his cabinet at esibayeni? What is the "arrogent" cabinet doing now. The people called for the removal of the Prime Minister and his cabinet as well as Finance Circular No. 1 amongst other things. All these remain in place. Sibaya has failed the test of time. Just like Tinkhundla, Sibaya is not serving the interests of the people, Period.
August 15, 2012, 11:37 pm, Sicatfulo

  Hhawu indzaba yaseswatini is now in Gods hands!the country is doomed and not going anywhere because swazis are small minded
August 15, 2012, 3:33 pm, thandeka (trhandeka@yahoo.com)

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