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Over 2 000 bid Zonke farewell

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LUDZELUDZE - Over 2 000 people gathered at the Khumalo homestead to pay their last respects to the late Dr Zonke Amos Khumalo yesterday.

Khumalo was buried at his homestead at Ludzeludze in the early hours of yesterday after a vigil that was held on Saturday.

He died aged 85 years.

Some of those who attended the funeral include MTN Swaziland Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ambrose Dlamini, Prince Sobandla and Prince Lonkhokhela.

Most of the speakers during the vigil described Khumalo as a great statesman who always made sure things were done in a proper way.

One of the speakers, the deceased’s brother, Khayeni said Dr Khumalo believed that every man had a right to live and that no one had a right to take another’s life. "His death is not only a loss to the Khumalo family but to the entire Swazi nation as he was also a source of knowledge and history to many people," he said.

Khayeni said, therefore, it disturbed Dr Khumalo, a former Minister of Justice, that crimes such as rape, murder, armed robberies and car-hijacking had escalated to scandalous heights and were now a threat to national security.

He said it was against that background that the Ministry of Justice, with Dr Khumalo at the helm, marshalled a plan to arrest lawlessness by introducing the Non-Bailable Offences Act.

Dr Khumalo was also described by many speakers at the vigil as a visionary, with distinctive leadership qualities and was a pillar of strength who shared his wisdom with the Swazi nation.

Preacher attacks circumcision programme

LUDZELUDZE – Preachers had to be called to order at the vigil of Dr Zonke Amos Khumalo after one of them used the platform to attack the circu-mcision programme called Soka Uncobe.

A preacher identified as Majahonke Tshabalala said the campaign to encourage men to circumcise was misleading people as they now thought that when one was circumcised he had conquered death.

He said this was misleading as there was nowhere in the Bible where it states that one can conquer death through circumcision.

The man of the cloth told mourners that for a person to conquer death they must accept Jesus Christ as their saviour and forget about circumcision.

He also came hard on people being instructed to go public after they were circumcised. Tshabalala shocked mourners when he claimed that Jesus Christ yelled once when he was angry at certain people.

"Even Jesus Christ once told people who came to him claiming to have been using His name to heal people, ‘Fxxxki,’ because he was angry at them as he did not know them," Tshabalala said, much to the amusement and shock of other mourners who were inside the tent.

As soon as he sat down, Khayeni Khumalo, stood up to warn the preachers to stop using the vigil to criticise other people beliefs and religions.

"We would like to warn preachers who are here to stop criticising other people’s beliefs or religion as this is not the rightful forum instead they should mourn and sympathise with the Khumalos. Preachers know the forums where such issues are discussed and debated," he said.


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