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'Scarface' was shot in the head

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SITEKI – The late Bhekinkhosi ‘Scarface’ Masina had six bullet wounds, one in the head, one in the lower back and four on three of his body limbs.

During an inspection of the corpse by his family and our reporter at the Good Shepherd Hospital mortuary yesterday, it transpired that his body had been suturing six times.

Suturing on a wound is to apply stitches and sew in order to close a wound or a cut. The main suture ran from the chest down past the navel to the lower abdomen. It was that of a cut that was deliberately made by the pathologist during a post-mortem on Tuesday.

Two stitches were on the right knee where he was shot by the police on the day he was captured. Other stitches were on the left side of the forehead, just at the top of the left ear where he had the third bullet wound. On the lower back adjacent to the navel he had a bullet wound that suggested he was shot from behind. It was also sutured on.

He had other stitches on the right arm where he was shot, bringing the bullet wounds to five. The sixth wound in the foot was not stitched.

Masina’s family comprising of two elderly women and four men arrived at the mortuary at about 3:30pm and paid the hospital bill in preparation to take the body away. They had brought a coffin with them and they were driving in two cars, a van and a BMW sedan.

Upon settling all hospital bills they went to the mortuary where ‘Scarface’s body was retrieved from a tray and laid in another room next to the coffin that had already been opened.

The male members of his family, with the assistance of two mortuary attendants, uncovered the body and turned it around for inspection. They also stuffed some of the clothes that were placed next to it into black refuse bags before cleaning up the body and placing it in the coffin.

Scarface died on Thursday two weeks ago after seven months of failure to apprehend him for a series of alleged rape cases that happened between November 2011 and February this year. According to the police, Masina was caught during a major raid by the police at a makeshift home he had built next to Mpaka. The Masina family have said the police’s refusal to let the family check his whole body before the pathologist tampered with it was evidence that they knew there was more than what met the eye.

Among the things that were found in his house were a solar panel, women’s clothes, pupils’ schoolbags and a radio. He will be buried this morning at his parental home at KaMkhweli.

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