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Scarface was shot 4 times'

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SITEKI - Following the viewing of the body of the late suspect serial rapist Bhekinkhosi ‘Scarface’ Masina, just before the post mortem yesterday, his family now alleges that he was shot four times.

This is contrary to previous police statements which at first suggested that Masina was shot once in the back of his thigh and later that he was shot twice behind the knee.

Masina was killed on Thursday afternoon after seven months on the run and his family yesterday gathered at the Good Shepherd Hospital for the post-morterm to determine the cause of his death.

The report is currently pending.

The deceased’s brother Solomon Masina has alleged that in his observation there were four bullet wounds on Scarface’s body.

Solomon is one of the two family members who were allowed into the mortuary to identify the body.

"When I got inside I found the body lying on something like a table and when I took a closer look at the body, I discovered four bullet wounds. One is on the left foot, another on the arm just next to the hand and two on the right thigh just above the knee," he said.

Solomon alleged that he tried to turn the body but was blocked by the police who told him that he could only look at the body and not touch it.

He says as he tried pleading with the police he was told to go outside.

Solomon expressed disappointment that the police prevented him from inspecting the body of a family member, yet he had been called to identify it.

He further explained that the reason he wanted to have a look at the back of the body is that he wanted to verify his suspicions that ‘Scarface’ was also shot in the back.

He insisted that he did not believe that ‘Scarface’ was shot once in the thigh insisting that he saw four bullet wounds on Scarface’s body.

Reacting to the concerns, Police Public Relations (PRO), Superintendent Wendy Hleta, said it was the pathologist’s report that would state the extent of Masina’s injuries.

"We cannot state that there were two or five bullets in the body, but what I can say is that the pathologist will compile a comprehensive report on the extent of Masina’s injuries," Hleta said.

The Pathologist, Doctor Komma Reddy said he was bound by law not to reveal the outcome of the post-mortem to the media.

"Once I am done with everything I will give my final report to the police. I may only speak in public once I am called by the court to testify on what I discovered," he said in a brief interview.

‘Why was body taken to RFM without consent?’


SITEKI-The family of the late Bhekinkhosi Masina has questioned how his body was taken to the RFM hospital for examination without the family’s consent.

According to family members this occurred on Monday. Solomon Masina, the deceased’s brother said he was shocked when he received reports that the corpse has been taken to Manzini, privately by the police.

"After hearing that the corpse has been taken to Manzini, other family members and I rushed to RFM. Upon arrival we met some police officers from Siteki Police Station, who told us that the body was there for examination," he narrated. Masina expressed disappointed in the police for taking the corpse without the family’s consent.

He stated that as far as he knew the family should have been contacted before taking the body.

Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Superintendent Wendy Hleta, said she could neither deny nor confirm that the body was secretly taken to Manzini for examination.


Hleta added that the Masina family should understand that the body was still under the custody of the police, hence police may now and again need the body as part of their investigations.

Some family members don’t get to see body

SITEKI - There was commotion during the post mortem of the late alleged serial rapist Bhekinkhosi ‘Scarface’ Masina, when some members of the Masina family were blocked by police from seeing the body.

There were five family members of the family who were present during the post-mortem, but only two were allowed to see the body, something which angered the remaining three.

A plain clothes police officer explained to the family that only two members would be allowed in to identify the body and the others should wait outside.

The officer justified himself, saying the identification process did not require all members of the family.

The deceased’s brother, Abel Masina started yelling at the police, further accusing them of hiding something.

"Why are we denied the opportunity to see the body? He is my brother, so I have a right to see him. Something is not right here," he said.

Jabhile Masina, the deceased’s aunt also accused the police of dictating to them yet a family member has died.

"As family members we have a right to see the body, so I do not understand why they are blocking us. On Friday I was here but they only allowed me to look at the face not the whole body," she said.

Family members also demanded to be present when the pathologist conducted the post-mortem.

This demanded was, however, discarded by the police who said the law does not allow family members to witness the post-mortem process.

There was further misunderstanding when one police officer approached the two members who were allowed to get inside and ask them to sign some documents.

The officer explained that the documents are proof that indeed the body is that of ‘Scarface’.

The two family members reportedly refused to sign the documents.


After that the post-mortem was conducted and the family was told that from today (yesterday) the corpse was now being charged for being in the mortuary.



Kumatima maswati. You have 2 correct me if I'm wrong ,plz dont nail me for a  misunderstanding. He was shot once,then twice or suspects 4 times..ololomama who kniows mayb it will end up 6 or 8 times....coming 2 being c-rias,SCARFACE was a very bad guy l agree but he is human..he deserves respect even dead,not 2 take him 4rm ds point 2 anada without any of hs family concent.
Jun 20, 2012, 1:16 AM, zamani (ankeltsonag@rocketmail.com)

If there is one person who does not deserve to be martyred its Scarface, whether the police shot him once or a ten times the man was fleeing and he was a bonafide crook. Scarface created victims yena he was not, the police were doing their job. May his soul rest in peace but many people are breathing easier, nine bakubo benikuphi sonkhe lesikhatsi senitocomplainer nyalo?
Jun 20, 2012, 1:16 AM, Thandi D. (@hotmail.com)

Why are the cops hiding the facts because at the end the truth will be revealed? Noma batotingcwabela umuntfu wabolabatibulalela? Seems like they will demand to bury him and no lying in state for the poor man. What the cops are doing is not good because even though he was an alleged criminal, his family has the right to his body. They are proving our suspicions right. Nale report will be sabotaged. And where was the post mortem conducted, GSH or RFM?
Jun 20, 2012, 1:16 AM, Lord Anthony (anthonym198@gmail.com)


Mr editor let us all be realistic about the Scarface issue,we are all sorry that a soul has been lost. If i may ask how many Scarface victims are infected with hiv/aids through him,did he use condoms when raping them.well done bafana bembube he failed to surrender himself when advised to do so.
Jun 20, 2012, 1:16 AM, minenhle Dlamini (vuyoheavens@gmail.com )

So what if Scarface has been shot four times? The truth is good riddance that he is dead! Why should we worry about his death instead of worrying about the innocent lives he violated! And where was this Mcolisi all along because he never appeared when police searched for Scarface, only the stepmother did, he must give us a break! Did they want Scarface to live and be convicted to enjoy our tax money like David Simelane?
Jun 20, 2012, 9:16 AM, pm

First and foremost, Masina was a suspect this should be taken into account. He had been allegedly a rapist, that person was supposed to be captured to answer to these allegations not killed I think its time that something is done. According to my understanding police are not supposed to kill suspects because those people more so Scarface was innocent until he was proven otherwise by the courts. With the leadership in place they are cheering, if we can go back to the Humanright Charter, every human being has a right to life. Recently, one Cele in our neighbouring SA is still suspended for issuing a shoot to kill statement, thats what a democratic government is supposed to do. No matter how extreme the crimes he had committed he was still the member of his family and the nation at large, he had a chance to reform when brought to justice. Nevertheless, as usual Mama Hleta would be setting a commission of enquiry. Its sad because some of these trigger happy police are members of our communities and some now do not go to their villages because they are now not accepted. As a nation we need police officers who would bring suspects to book, not murderers. Now the Nation must wake up from its slumber and do something. Its bad and its against the law. I rest my case. Sad Citizen
Jun 20, 2012, 9:16 AM, Andile M Dlamini (madlamini@yahoo.com)


Scarface had done a lot of havoc to his fellow citizens so even if the police shot at him 100 times he deserved it. Wena Solomon ngulokutsi wakini u favour him even when he was such a devil. Kusho kutsi nani bekhabo scarface nimdzibi munye naye - u supported what he was doing to the nation. He just deserved as much gun shots as possible uvile ke naku bekakuvisa labanye bantfu bangakamphoci ngalutfo.
Jun 20, 2012, 9:16 AM, Lomanti Masina (lmd@yahoo.com)


I wonder why Police speak lies most when they have killed a person. BUT even you  Mr Editor it doesnt mean he was caught then shot after that. Nawe u are confusing people how come Scarface who runs fast was shot from behind which means he surrendered himself to the police then was shot. Truly speaking he was running away from the police there is no way of which theycan shoot him in this manner. The truth maybe wil cum out.
Jun 20, 2012, 9:16 AM, bongani (simelanebt@webmail.co.za)

Bona laba bekhabo Scarface seba so vocal nyalo bebasolo babindzeleni when he raped people. Nabo amaphoyisa kumele abasondzelele ngoba it looks like Scarface bekabondla ngalokuhlupha sive. Why now? I have never heard the brother, aunt any sister rebuking Scarface for what he was doing to the nation. maybe its bcoz he was not troubling any member of his family but the innocent Swazis out there. The police did just the right thing he deserved to die like this he was no longer acceptable to the society except his own family who i now see they supported what Scarface was doing. Even if they shoot him while he is dead he just deserved it. Laba bakaMasina who now want to blame emaphoyisa for nothing, they must go to hell just like loscarface wabo. Safa ngema rapists - why didnt he rape one of them atosukela bantfu benkhosi. Bravo Police u did a wonderful job on scarface so that other rapists will stop this practice.
Jun 20, 2012, 9:16 AM, Bani Masilela (bmdda@gmail.com)


Libhayibheli lami lisho kahle kutsi susa lugongolo esweni lakho ngaphambi kokuba ususe lwalo munye.This is way out of hand but hey! We are still in Swaziland and have to mind what you say. Who did this Scarface kill.t Today and for as long as God may want we Swazis will be taking care of this David character who killed too many people but Scarface has never killed a soul and he is dead. But why who has the right to do that. What happened to nembheza ngoba Scarface didnt have it so should the rest of the world? This is rubbish at its highest best.
Jun 20, 2012, 11:00 AM, LINDA (swelindz@gmail.com)


David is enjoying our tax udla imali yetfu n they prefer to kill Scarface . Now I understand that murder is not a sin. If u want to live a good life u must kill people, rest in peace Bafo akusenandzaba. But kuyeta kufa we Mdavu wakhona.
Jun 20, 2012, 11:00 AM, Mabizo mbuyisa (mbuiysambbizo@yahoo.com)

The Police did a good thing, even if they shot him 20 times, it does'nt matter. Scarface also killed the future of the children he raped. Why nyalo the family but when the police were looking for him bekete i family, nyalo sebatotikhalisa la, asebasicolele.
Jun 20, 2012, 11:00 AM, Hlobi Maziya (hlobimaziya@yahoo.com)


Scarface nakangahlali ekhaya benitsi uhlalaphi?kwatsi nakufunwa Scarface anizange senivele kepha nyalo seniyakhona kublema emaphoyisa kutsi ambuleleleni,kusho kutsi benati kutsi uhlalaphi,thulani ningaphekukhuluma ngoba angeke avuke, labantfwana bebantfu labashiye basebuhlungwini nitsini ngabo nine bemdeni.
Jun 20, 2012, 12:39 PM, cebos msutfu (preciuosgwebu @ gmail.com.za)


From February 27, the police were camping in the forest for Scarface. Imagine how cold is it these days. All the BMW driving brothers of Scarface were in the comfort of their homes, or cars. The police found him and gunned him down. Job well done, otherwise they would still be in the forest by now. This guy would'nt surrender, he alwayz flees. So why blame the police? To his family; they are a disgrace. Why didn't they seek audience with the Station commander last year to tell him where is Scarface. At that time we did not know Scarface had so many family members. The home we know is dilapidated, but suddenly BMW driving brothers mushroom. Is this attention seeking or just insanity. Where were they and why were they quiet when police terrorised the homes in search of Scarface, leading to the step mother abandoning it. This so called family should just bury him.
Jun 20, 2012, 12:39 PM, Njalo Zondi (njalonje@gmail.com)

Yah ,,,,,,kona waganga ngebantwana lowekunene ,,,,,kepha nje maswati kufa ukutayeleki,,,,,,,neluhlanya ,,,nesiqwala ,,,,,nembulali uyadzinga kuhlonishwa nasafile ,,,kungabi nje kungatsi singcwaba inja
Jun 20, 2012, 12:39 PM, Mcuphulo (celkhulu@gmail.com)


Mine ngiyakuvakonkhe kepha ngicakwa ngulama 'relatives', bebasolo bangaveli ngani, kani he wasnt an orphan??, hhayi bekunene yini ngathi they are up2 something?? yini kunganakwa the victims becoz he affected and infected them. How would u feel if your mother/ daughter was a victim of this guy??
Jun 20, 2012, 2:31 PM, Nonkosi (nonkosindzimandze@gmail.com)

Nothing shall remain under the carpet forever. We know the truth may be hidden today but some day we will get to hear it, if we happen to pass on before it transpires, our children will surely live to hear it. Swaziland is where she is today because of lies and intimidation. To the cops....Better admit today that Bhekinkhosi was deliberately killed than waiting for GOD to expose you because he may have been a wanted thug in Swaziland but in heaven, GOD still regarded him as some one who deserved to live and get saved for heavenly purposes.
Jun 20, 2012, 2:31 PM, BROTHER LEADER DR SANELE (drsaneledlamini@yahoo.com)

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