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WikiLeaks wants SD's classified information

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MBABANE - WikiLeaks has put out a notice requesting people with access to classified police and military documents on PUDEMO to leak the documents to them.

The People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) is one of the banned entities in the country.

Wikileaks is a website which, according to the website itself, ‘publishes and comments on leaked documents alleging government and corporate misconduct.’

It relies mainly on whistle-blowers to supply it with private, secret and classified documents about governments and corporations’ activities.

It was founded in 2006 by Julian Assange, who is also its Editor in Chief and Director. Over the years the website has published millions of leaked documents.

About a year ago diplomatic cables from the United States of America’s State Department were stolen and leaked to WikiLeaks leading to a lot of embarrassing questions being posed to that country’s government.

Diplomatic cables are private communications from the US’ embassies which are transmitted to their head office in Washington DC.

Among the leaked cables was information sent to the home office by some of the US’ previous ambassadors to Swaziland.

The WikiLeaks website states that they are always looking for new information and it urges people with access to confidential and highly classified information to forward it to the administrators of the website.

While WikiLeaks is willing to accept any information so long as it is ‘leak worthy’, it has specific information that it wants from certain countries like Swaziland.

From Swaziland, the website administrators want two specific types of classified information. "Intelligence memos from the Ministry of Defence or Police about the pro-democracy organisation, PUDEMO," the site states.

South Africa is also another country whose information is requested for publication on the website.

The administrators want information on possible deaths during the 2010 Fifa World Cup that was hosted by that country.

They also want insiders to leak documents related to the agreement not to prosecute Mark Thatcher who used to live in South Africa.

Thatcher, son of former Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher, was linked to a failed coup-de-tat in Equatorial Guinea a few years ago but he was never extradited or prosecuted.


Percy may you stop that cheap politics. Your branding of wiki leaks as satanist is unfounded and tantantamous to calling one a witch. We know there is something you want hidden but unfortunately for you it will come out soon in a new democratic swaziland and the law will take its course. -- Via MebApp.com
Mar 26, 2012, 11:24 AM,

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