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Bomb' suspect for Student Peace Prize

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MBABANE – Explosives suspect and President of the Swaziland National Union of Students (SNUS), Maxwell Dlamini, has been nominated for the 2013 Student Peace Prize.

Dlamini’s nomination for the prize was endorsed by a solidarity organisation from Denmark called Africa Contact.

The event is held biennially.

Dlamini’s father, Nimrod Dlamini, said he was visited by two Danish students from the organisation a few months ago.

"Two students from Denmark visited me a few months ago and wanted to talk to me about Maxwell. I guess this nomination is a result of the conversation we had," Dlamini said.

The reason given for the nomination, in a letter penned by Africa Contact to the Student Peace Prize Secretariat, partly reads, "he has done important work to promote peace, democracy and human rights because his struggle for free education, recognition of students rights in Swaziland doesn’t receive the attention it deserves (sic)." Maxwell is currently incarcerated at the Manzini Remand Centre on suspicion of being in possession of explosives during the April 12 protest. The Danish organisation, though aware of this, considers it a smear campaign, saying "he has selflessly put aside any fear for his own safety in pursuit of his and his fellow students’ struggle."

Maxwell’s nomination is also endorsed by the Free Maxwell Campaign, Swaz-iland United Democratic Front, SNUS, All Africa Students Union, Student Representative Council at the University of Marburg and the Free Education Movement, Marburg. According to the website, the prize attempts to shed light on and increase recognition of the work of the student who receives the award. Dlamini’s father expressed happiness and surprise at the nomination, saying he could not wait to share the news with Maxwell. "I can’t explain how proud and happy I am. I hope it will open other doors for him. I’m excited to share the news with his mother, she will also be very happy. I’m going to see Maxwell tomorrow and I’ll tell him the good news," Dlamini said.

The deadline for nominations for the Student Peace Prize is April 15, 2012.


Congrats MAx...u mai heroooooooooooooo...
Nov 17, 2011, 11:22 AM, mndeni (Melusig@ymail.com)

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