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Chief Ndlondlo's new E2m token of appreciation' home

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SIKHUPHE – It is unclear how the chief of Malindza got a home worth over E2 million constructed at the time when government was building the Sikhuphe village.

Residents of the area are now questioning how the chief ended up with such a big homestead since he was not displaced when some homesteads were relocated to make way for the Sikhuphe International Airport.


The Swazi News has it in authority that the plush homestead was built using taxpayers’ money, which was part of the allocation for the displaced families.

According to residents, they were allegedly told that the homestead was a token of appreciation for the chief, regarding the relocation of his subjects.

However, this could not be substantiated officially.

Government allocated alternative land to build a ‘village’ as compensation for residents of the area whose homes were demolished to give way for the Sikhuphe International Project.

Chief Ndlondlo II is currently residing at the umphakatsi, which is also his parental home, where all traditional activities are done at chiefdom level.

His new home is what most residents now call a ‘mansion’.

The modern homestead has a big house and two detached houses situated at Sikhuphe, about five kilometres away from the airport.

It has just been completed by the same contractors that were engaged for the construction of the village.

The main house has about 10 rooms with a double door garage attached to it. One of the detached houses appears more like a conference room while the other is a decent rondavel.

Sources in government revealed that the issue was a ‘hot potato’ that no one wanted to touch.

In fact, the reliable sources said the name of the highest authority in the land may have been used for the plush homestead to be built.

"No one wants to talk about this issue because even the ministry responsible was shocked that government funds were used to construct it. It is one of those matters no one wants to touch," a source said.

True to the source’s word, no one in government wanted to speak about the matter openly.

When called to shed light on the matter, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport Paul Nkambule said he would not comment on the matter because the project had not been officially handed over to his ministry.

Acting Director of Millennium Projects Magwabane Mdluli said, "I am not the right person to discuss this matter."


He referred questions to the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development Bertram Stewart. Stewart redirected a questionnaire that was sent to him to the Millenium Projects Department.

Meanwhile, Minister of Economic Planning and Development Prince Hlan-gusemphi said his office was not in an informed position to comment on the matter.

"The Millennium Projects office has concrete information on the matter because they were mandated to manage the project," he said.

The acting director was called again after the minister’s comment but was reportedly indisposed between Thursday and yesterday.

This will spark controversy – Chief Ndlondlo II

MBABANE – Chief Ndlondlo II refused to discuss the matter as he said it would spark controversy.

Not disputing that the new home was built for him, Chief Ndlondlo said it was too early to comment about the new home.

He said he would indicate when it was the right time to discuss it.


His main fear was that it would spark controversy among other chiefs.

He, however, did not elaborate on why this would cause controversy.

"What do you want to ask me about? The new home? No, no, no, I do not want to talk about that issue because it will spark controversy with other chiefs (labanye bobabe).

"I will call you when the time is right," he said.

He was told that the issue was already in the public domain but he insisted that he would comment at a later stage.

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