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Govt employees support' Free Maxwell Dlamini campaign

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MBABANE – The Free Maxwell Dlamini campaign has received over 250 clicks showing support of the campaign that was started a month ago.

Some of the email addresses are those from government ministries but it could not be ascertained who exactly are the civil servants who support the campaign.


The campaign, according to Coordinator Peter Kenworthy, is aimed at pressing for the release of explosives suspects, Maxwell Dlamini and Musa Ngubeni.

If the figures reflected on the campaign website are anything to go by, the participants sprang into action and entered their clicks, which accumulated to 254 as of yesterday morning.

About 177 clicks were made from Swaziland registered emails while the others were made from email addresses that do not clearly indicate their origin.

Kenworthy said they were pleased with this turnout and said they wanted to see the two men walking free very soon.


The two are currently in custody after they were denied bail on reasons that they were a threat to national security and that they were not safe because people from their communities were against what they are suspected to have done.

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