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DO you ever miss the childhood years before society taught you how to compromise at being yourself? Do you ever miss not having to live up to anyone’s expectations but your own? The time when you were the centre of your world. Do you even remember a time when you were not afflicted with approval addiction? Those were the golden years for real.

We usually refer to the advanced years in a lifetime as ‘The Golden Years’, that’s fine and beautiful, but I see a lot of gold in the early years of life too. The holy texts describe children as a gift and a reward, I mean, there’s your gold right there. Children have the advantage of being brand new here. A child goes into a situation with a clean slate and no preconceived notions. They experience everything from a fresh perspective every time. I ascribe purity to that. As we get older, and to our misfortune, that purity and innocence evaporates. The waves of experience carry away the freshness of our outlook and we start to see the world through the lens of the prevailing zeitgeist.

There are some things that we pick up over the years that we can do without. Unfortunately, some of those things you can’t un-see, or de-experience or unlearn. Those hurtful words… you can’t unsay. I was watching three children of age five or six, if I were to guess, interact at a… (do I have to say where I was?). It was two girls and one boy. So, one of the six-year-old girls… (it was on TV, I remember now, sorry) was having a disagreement with the boy. It was cute and verbal at first but escalated into physical assault. The girl put the paws on the young man. It surprised me that it was the lady that resorted to violence to help her point across. The boy, at six years old, knew not to clap back (sorry, when do we start using years as a metric for age for the little ones kepha? I have family that says things like ‘she’s 33 months old’. They leave you to do the Maths you left in high school to try figure out what on earth that means).

I was impressed that the little boy didn’t retaliate with force but instead tried to calm the feisty little princess down. The scuffle didn’t end until the second girl intervened. She pulled her sister away… (they were sisters? I think they were twins now that I think about it).
As I’ve admitted to having witnessed this unfold on television, you have questions why the adults were recording a video instead of taking responsibility, well, that’s for next week’s article. Right now, I’d like to note the heroics of the second girl. That’s gold. Oh man, would I even stop a ‘guru’ nowadays. If I was at a restaurant and saw someone being abused or bullied, would I stand up for them? Would you?

Only children act wholeheartedly in the direction of their beliefs. Adults make a million considerations and seldom opt for the route of most resistance, even if it means sacrificing their belief system. If an adult has to choose between looking good and doing what is right, your guess is as good as mine which of the two they pick (I have a suspicion though that the latter will not come out on top). Along the way, our lives just become this performance to appease others. But no more in 2018, right? LOL.
PS: Happy New Year, but don’t ask me what’s new about it. I also do not know. I saw the calendar and it has the same 12 lousy months.

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