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THE month of December seems to be the busiest of months laced with celebrations, festivities and setting of New Year goals or resolutions.

We anxiously wait and pray that we may be permitted by the heavens to enter into a new year. The moment we crossover from one year to another, we celebrate with ecstasy and jubilation. This has deprived us the realisation that we may as well celebrate and/or be thankful for a new hour, day, week, or month with new month, week, or day’s resolutions.

Seemingly the most powerful goals are the day to day goals wherein you set to do maybe six things per day and see them through. In this way your power to do and to accomplish increases. We may as well set goals from birthday to birthday (such as from May to May if you were born in this month).

We can celebrate each ending week/weekend; be thankful for each new day or new month. That’s why there’s nothing wrong for a couple celebrating their marriage anniversary on their corresponding date. Even some institutions, such as governments, have their year ending or beginning in April or any other month but December. Obviously nothing is wrong with setting goals at any time.

Just as nature knows no new year, it would appear to not know seasons but only that natural living things react to nature’s behaviour at various times.

Even seasons do not exist in the year spectrum, in fact it is just nature behaving in a certain way and it is us that categorise life or nature into time of a year, or that there are four seasons in a year.

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