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MBABANE – Elite league teams’ medical officers requested the Eswatini Football Association (EFA), through Medical Committee Chairman Welcome Motsa, to scan their first aid kit bags ahead of games.

This was a suggestion made by the medics during their workshop, which was organised by the EFA Medical Committee, to get to know what challenges they faced while executing their jobs during games. The workshop was held this past Saturday at Sigwaca House, facilitated by Gama and was observed by Premier League of Eswatini (PLE) Football manager. The medics highlighted that they were faced with a number of challenges, such as lack of basic necessities being bandages and sprays.

The medics felt that for them to conduct their job well, it was important that the chairman should make a random check-up to examine what was in the medical kit bags and should he find that something was missing from the basic medication, he should note it down and take the owner of the team to task. It was also highlighted that some medics allegedly used their first aid kit bags to smuggle foreign substances into the pitch when attending to injured players.

“I think it would be a good idea for the stadium doctor to visit us before games to check our bags before a game starts,” one of the medics said.
Motsa when responding to the request by the team doctors said this was a good idea and they would come unannounced to inspect the bags. The medics further said they were faced with the challenge of being insulted by the opposition club supporters of carrying allied substances into the field and the scanning of their bags would help to curb any illegal substance being carried into the pitch. Meanwhile, PLE, through Vilakati, urged the medics to go out and educate their supporters about the scoop of their job to avoid being insulted as they went by doing the job of saving life, not only for the players, but the supporters lives too.

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