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MBABANE – “In my opinion I think we should not elect people who have never played the sport.”

These utterances by Correctional Boxing Club representative, Mpendulo Mbingo, seemed to have struck a nerve with outgoing Eswatini Boxing Association President Pearl Dlamini.

This was during the question and answer session during the EBA annual general meeting (AGM), which was held at OlympAfrica Centre yesterday.

“The reason our sport is not developing is because this executive is made by ‘aboma my friends’. If we are to see change and progress in boxing we must elect people who are passionate about the sport. People who will have a drive to put the interest of the people at heart,” alleged Mbingo.

He said they were not motivated to enable their ‘kids’ to train harder because it was no hidden fact, who will represent the country in international competitions.

He said he was passionate about the sport thus he will speak the truth.

However, he was cut short by the EBA president.

“Mpendulo, can you sit down, you have said enough. Your time for speaking is over,” the president said. Mbingo signalled that he was not done yet and he was ready to pull more ‘bullets’ but the president was firm.

“I want to stop this perception you have about who should be in the EBA executive. It’s not about those who have played the sport but someone who has leadership skills and a vision,” said Dlamini.


The president was getting emotional and they appealed for her to be calm. They even suggested that Mbingo should stop talking.

The debate on leadership did not stop there as more speakers commented on the matter.

 Mbingo was seconded by professional  boxer Sibonelo  Ndzimandze. “I want to put it this way.  Those who have played the sport would be better at leading the sport,” Ndzimandze said.

However, National Team mentor Fanana Dlamini supported the president, saying it was wrong of Mbingo to have that perception.

“We have many boxing leaders who are good but have never played the sport. What I am saying is that Mbingo is offside to say that lets elect only people who have played the sport,” he said.

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