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MBABANE – The number of teams taking up the Khosiken Madvudvu Funeral Cover keep rising.
Eleven teams have signed up for the first-of-its-kind funeral cover associated with football, which was launched back on February 27.

The teams, namely, Mbabane Highlanders, Moneni Pirates, Green Mamba, Mbabane Citizens, Illovo FC, Seven Dreams, Tambankulu Callies, Ludzeludze Killers, Madlenya, Tambuti FC and Mhlume Peacemakers.

Khosiken Madvudvu Funeral Plan is a funeral insurance plan specifically for football supporters in Eswatini underwritten by Old Mutual.

KhosiKen director, Kenneth Makhanya, told the Times Sports Desk that the response to the product had been overwhelming.


“When we spoke to the Board members, everybody was excited about the product and we are trying to help the clubs show that they care about their members; be it players, officials and the fans. It is open to all the teams,” he said. Makhanya said through the funeral cover, they also wanted to change the team fans into supporters.

“A fan can never be a supporter if there is no benefit for him. That’s what we want to help the teams achieve because in the package that we have, a team will get something yet also they will be able to have their officials, players and fans covered for any eventualities,” Makhanya added.

Makhanya said for the accidental death, the cover commences on the 1st of the month following the date on which the premium has been received and processed.

“For death due to natural causes, cover commences after a six-month waiting period. For example, if a customer pays his premium on January 19, accidental cover kicks off on February 1 and natural death on August 1,” he said.
Makhanya said those who had queries could contact the KhosiKen Facebook page, call or WhatsApp Colani Mhlongo on 7813 0400 or call or WhatsApp 7993 5455. “All questions will be answered regarding the funeral cover by our officers anytime,” Makhanya said.

For only E20, any football official, player and fan can be on funeral cover amounting to E10 000 as an individual.
KhosiKen Director, Kenneth Makhanya, said the cover was E240 per annum.


 “The minimum entry age is 18 and the maximum entry age is 64. With a total premium of E20 per month, E240 per annum, one is covered,” he said.
Makhanya explained that the review period began in May 2020 and ending immediately before June 2020.

“Since this is linked to the football calendar year (July-June) depending on the month in which policy holder takes the cover on a pro-rated format.

To be part of the scheme, you have to pay E60, broken down to E40 for the two months, May and June, and then the E20 goes to the team of your choice, the one you support. That’s why we need the teams to take up the policy so that their players, officials and fans can be covered,” Makhanya said.

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