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MBABANE – The hard work never stops for Mbabane Citizens player Richard Sewu.

The Liga Desportive de Maputobound Ghanaian player is defying the odds and continues to train relentlessly amidst the coronavirus outbreak which forced an end to all sports activities. With the league and other football tournaments frozen indefinitely, fitness and speed for all athletes is key because this will be put to the test when games resume.

Having signed a two-year contract in early February with one of Mozambique’s biggest teams, this player has two goals in mind and that are to be as fit as a fiddle and ready to impress when football springs back to action. Speaking of return to action, it is going to be tough when it eventually happens. Truthfully, it could be one, two, three, or more months from now.


The questions that athletes need to ask themselves during this period are; what am I doing to prepare for the demands of that first 90-minute match back?

What am I doing to ensure that my muscles can handle fatigue? What am I doing to maintain the blistering speed?
The coronavirus era is here to test athletes’ devotion and self-drive. Usually, athletes train following a specific routine, being told how to lay out their sets, reps and load progressions. In the absence of coaches and training partners, Sewu has taken it upon himself to formulate a personal training programme in order to improve his fitness and health even during these trying times.

“I am anticipating a big move to Mozambique so fitness is my priority. I exercise every morning doing road running then train in an open field, focusing mainly on ball activities and strength training. I cannot make excuses to avoid training because I have big goals and won’t give in to the challenges imposed by COVID-19,”said Sewu.

He said that the spread of COVID-19 had delayed his move to Mozambique as he was supposed to join his new team on May 15 but was compelled to await further notice. He advised other athletes to overcome the anxiety and depression-causing stress resulting from being under lockdown in the absence of ball games.

“I pray every day for this virus to vanish so that we can get back to the pitch and do what we know and love best. I believe that club managers can’t wait for games to return. My future dream is to play in Europe and be part of my national team,” said Sewu.

He also encouraged the nation to continue adhering to the health precautions as advised by government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) such as regular washing of hands using running water and soap or by using a hand sanitiser.

He also emphasised on the use of face masks whenever one is compelled to leave the house for essential services.

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