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MBABANE – “When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself; art cannot manifest - strength cannot fight; wealth becomes useless and intelligence cannot be applied.”  

This quote, by the ancient Greek anatomist Herophilus resonates with the essence of living a healthy lifestyle, not only to bring about physical change but to improve physical health, mental capacity, creativity, productivity and power. While most people around the globe celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday, The Transformation Corner wishes to encourage people to exercise regularly, eat healthy and inspire others to follow suit.

Today we are celebrating the success transformation journey of Thulani Thwala from Matsapha, who started off as a soccer player but was drawn into bodybuilding because of his physical aspirations. This is how it all started;

Name:  Thulani ‘Julie’ Thwala, 37 years old from Matsapha.
What motivated you to start training?
“I started training in the year 2015 when I stopped being a soccer player. My aim was to transform my body to that of a bodybuilder. I wanted to be bulky and fit with visibly strong muscles.”

How has your life changed since you started training?
“In 2015 my weight was at 69kg now it is at 75kg. My physique has totally changed from scrawny to masculine, which is what I wanted. I am more self-confident now and happy with what I have worked my body to become.”
How best can you describe your training routine?

“Since I am working full-time, I knock off at 4:30pm and head straight to the gym. I work out for two to four hours per day, starting from Monday to Friday.
What nutritional changes did you do since you started body- building?
“Being a bodybuilder means that you have to eat food that has extra protein, so I make sure every meal is healthy with a higher amount of protein.”
What is your personal slogan that keeps you going?
My motivation is always ‘no pain no gain’ in every workout. I believe that I have to work for the body that I want and that takes a certain amount of pain, hard work and focus. My dream body will not come easy.”
What message can you share with people who wish to change their lives through exercise?
“My advice to people out there is that transforming your body shape is always about passion. You have to love what you are doing because your focus is on the end goal.”
What is your family’s reaction to your sport of choice?
“My family has no problem with my sport since I told them that it is all about being healthy.”

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