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Namuhla ay angibuyi endlini,namuhla ay angibuyi endlini, uzongothola Eyadini ... namuhla ay angibuyi endlini, uzongithola Eyadini ... kwaze kwamnandi ngentatakusa ... waze wangibamba kamnandi ngentatakusa ... wangibamba kamnandi we Mona Lisa ...

Sangena Gazi singena ngelinoni lengoma ya Manqonqo featuring Dason & Saviour Gee leshise tikhotsa kule-festive lesibuya kuyo.
Solo Gazi nanyalo sizama ku-recover. Beku busy Gazi. 

Talking of recovering phela reminded us how this top official of a top team yale-Bremer, who is also recovering after asindze enkembeni this week. Singasho the guillotine ke Gazi sesisho i-suspension.


Phela the official Gazi found himself the subject of discussion ku Management Committee meeting this week after the club boss recommended kutsi asakaphumule kancane following last Saturday’s incident ngala ka-shukela and other numerous misbehaviour.
The official longasiko ncama kakhulu  always likes to mix business with pleasure in that he watches his beloved club while drinking like a divorced sailor during the team’s games.
Uyabutjubha Gazi openly in the grandstands aze aphatse i-glass yakhe and he likes to drink lama-Scottish waters kwasho Umlangeni lokwa ngetikhatsi takhe naye.
Bhuti ke was at it again last week abudla phela in this open stadium down leka-shukela when after the game he then confronted the match officials to display his whisky-inspired displeasure handling of the game and the fact that the match officials allowed the game to continue naloku bese kumnyama.
The official fired some unprintable expletives on the direction of the match officials. With his whisky glass, in hand, he did not stop berating the match officials wabatjela konkhe bekafuna kukusho washiya lalikhohliwe Gazi.
The club boss when told of the incident then resolved kutsi asekaphumule kancane but the club MC felt they need him and they will just caution him.
He escaped le-suspension kanjalo but he was reprimanded about his actions Gazi.
We hope this is a lesson nakuye Gazi kutsi atiphatse kahle because phela if the officials misbehave how are the fans – already known for their misbehaviour – going to behave. Eish ... Unzima lomthwalo ...

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