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Umcimbi ongena-Brown Dash ... yi-Miki Mouse ... Umcimbi onjani ongena-Brown Dash ... i-party enjani engena-kwaito ... engena-rice ...”

Sangena Gazi singena on a lovely Saturday on the second weekend phela of the month of love, singena nga one-time hit of the late Kwaito star, Brown Dash.

It’s not just because we miss Brown Dash and his hits but we are in high spirits kwatise kutsi it’s gonna be a busy weekend Gazi.
Phela about seven buses alifulatsele lela-Mswati III alibhekisa le-Maseru in the tiny mountainous kingdom, where ‘Tinyoni’ will be taking on Bantu FC ku CAF Champions League tomorrow. Sitatiteka leto laternyana Gazi. Besides ke Gazi it’s a month of love and Wednesday senguye lo-Valentine’s Day Gazi. Tsine ke Gazi we don’t understand what the fuss is all about ngoba phela asidzingi kube yi-Valentine’s Day for us to show love to our little nyoninyoni’s Gazi.

Vele bahlala nje baku-chamber ... and then of course today phela i-Young Buffaloes is taking South Africa’s Cape Town City aka The Citizens.
The arrival of Benni McCarthy’s batallions on Thursday brought fond memories for some of our crew members and fans nje. But for us, it reminded us of one juicy story phela we kept in our refrigerator for years now.

Phela one of the star players kule-team ya-Benni McCarthy, who unfortunately is not coming for the game, used to frequent this country aze adlale nabo i-golf lekubo Nkonyeni in the company of one of the former Swazi internationals.

Gazi, they were BFF (Best Friends Forever) ... sisho ematse nelulwimi tsine. At one time we even thought bama-twins who were separated at birth impela. 
Then suddenly everything  kwatsi nya ... we wondered kutsi kwentekani because the South African star didn’t come and visit the country anymore.
We enquired from our reliable source ... yavela imfihlo Gazi. The Mzansi soccer star apparently ate lo-shukela of the ex-Swazi international and all hell broke loose.

One of our sources even told us kutsi yena he was not surprised kutsi this dastardly act happened ngoba apparently the Mzansi star dated lo-sisi before our former Swazi international, so vele besekuyi memorial service.
Gagagagaga ... Gazi this then led to the strained relations between the two bosom friends for some years.

They both moved on in their private lives. But our sources have told us kutsi sebayikhulumile njengemadoda and they are back as BFF again.
Tsine ke Gazi this is what we encourage. We like people to put differences aside and be good friends – whatever the circumstances might be. What happened has happened and cannot be undone.

It’s time to move forward. To us, the two will always be Best Friends Forever! We like, we like, we like ... Kute indzaba leyehlula emadoda!

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