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Lomlilo we-Big Nuz uzungawothi ... Lomlilo we-Big Nuz ... uzungawothi ... sidinga ukuhlala sibonisane njengemadoda sibambisana ngoba akekho onswembu kule-game kundlula omunye...”

Sangena Gazi singena on the first weekend ya-Dezember, singena with one-time cross over song yalabafana base-Thekwini and phela we danced to the song last week ngalaka-Bellina Ezulwini in some private party we attended.

Even one of our ex-officio members losewadvwala kakhulu udla lubisi nge-fork (and no prizes for guessing who this is) got jiggy with it surrounded by a bevy of beauties we feared phela kutsi he was going to break his bones because phela his oval-shaped stomach sesilingana nalesa-Mampintsha we-Big Nuz.

After just 20 minutes on the dancefloor, we saw our own version of ‘Babes Wodumo’, li-yellow bone lakhe, seli-massaja on the couch. Hahahahahahaha ...

Gazi sofikile vele lo-Dezember and we know phela we will be treated to more of such spectacle. Talking of a spectacle Gazi reminded us phela of how this top foreign muti man who seems to hold the key to happiness laka-Ngwane when it comes to winning silverware, has adopted a new approach.

Phela the popular foreign muti man is apparently having more than half of the Premier League teams as his ‘clients’.
Gazi, our sources tell us kutsi you are either his client or his victim. There is nothing inbetween. The foreign muti man of Eastern Africa origin phela has adopted a new strategy.

He does not only charge exorbitant fees for his muti magic prowess but has added a new dimension, especially for those teams who have gainful employment facilities.

One of these teams phela Gazi, remember we told you khona lapha, kutsi they would win one game after the other after the muti man successfully convinced the club management to hire one of his girlfriends in return for good wins. He assured them that if they hire his girlfriend, they won’t stop winning Gazi. This has been the case because phela this team had an indifferent start to the new season to an extent that they even fired their coach after a string of poor results.

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