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MBABANE - As the Dixie’s Under-13 league came to a close, Egroudini Director and Dixie’s Futsal Under-13  League administrator and youths sports empowerment programme, Sabelo Zwane shared the highlights and low lights of developing Youth Football through his Fustal Leagues.

“The ‘highlights’ were most certainly the technical growth and development shown in the players within the first few months of the league. The league started in June but by Mid July we noticed their passing and decision making had increased. Scores were initially very high between weaker technical teams but after a month it became very tight between the teams,” Zwane noted.
Zwane said on the business side the league had grown.

“We built on some of the usual suspects from the previous league like City offices, Remax, Swazi Mills, and Premier, Easy Lights but the highlight for us this year was the involvement from Mandla Mahewu. It makes all the difference to the boys in our league when a company gets behind them week after week. Empowerment in youth development context is something we do week after week- consistently,” he said.

“It is not necessarily giving money to teams in the community alone. Of course money helps connect teams to the league and buy futsal kits but giving access to playing is part of the impact in our young players. In development, making a difference sometimes means getting behind a young team and cheering them on all the way to the end.

That’s what makes our boys feel valued and we’ve noticed they grow better from that support. Mandla Mahewu were just fantastic at this and we love what they are doing for youth football in the Country.

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