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BIG BEND – Hans Helmut Hermann Steffen (HHHS) the owner of the Matata Group of companies died in front of his children, Hans (Nkilongo Member of Parliament) and Lizette last Friday.
This was revealed by Pastor HS Nkambule during the memorial service of Steffen Senior, yesterday, where Steffen was described as a very kind man who loved his family.

However, Nkambule did not explain how exactly this happened.
He said HHH Steffen, as he was popularly known, refused treatment by supernatural powers from foreign pastors as he battled a long backbone illness that confined him to a wheel chair.
Steffen died at the age of 75. He is survived by his two children.
His memorial service was held in the gardens of the Steffens family compound in Matata and was presided by Reverend Stefaan de Jager, Pastor Nkambule and Pastor Kaiser Fakudze of the Metropolitan Church.
The media was banned from the service.

“I once visited him during his long illness. He told me that someone had invited him to attend a miracle service in Durban to receive healing. However, he declined the offer and said he was going to be healed by prayers of Swazi pastors who included Pastor Fakudze, among others,” said Pastor Nkambule during the service.
Pastor Fakudze said in yet another instance, Steffen Senior told him that there were people who advised him to fly to Nigeria and meet Pastor TB Joshua for a special healing. Again, he rejected the suggestion. Fakudze said HHH Steffen was a kind man who loved and shared his life with the Matata community. “He touched a lot of families in many ways.

A lot of homes were built through his efforts of giving employment to community members in his vast businesses,” he said.   Wendy de Beer, a friend to the Steffens, said the deceased left behind a legacy of the great life he lived. She said he was a blessing to everyone who knew him or worked with him in his lifetime, which he lived to improve people’s lives. She said he was an honest man who valued loyalty and respected everyone irrespective of their standing in society.
De Beer also said Steffen senior loved his employees. “In one instance, he was admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital. He phoned me and asked if the lawn around the employees’ quarters had been cut to control mosquitoes,” she said.
She also said Steffen was extremely unselfish and was a bold leader who was humble and never let his ego get to him. Robert Burns said Steffen was a shrewd businessman. “He was my friend and who loved the truth. He lived an honest life and empowered everyone who was around him,” he said. Bhekimpi Ndwandwe, Properties Manager for the Matata Group of companies said Steffen was like a father to him. “I was his child. He and my father Luke Ndwandwe were like brothers. We worked together for many years for the business to be successful,” he said.

He said he would miss him a lot and life would be difficult without him. “I reported to him every day even when he was semi retired in business. I updated him with all that was happening in the business as it developed to the empire it is today. Now that he is no more I feel sad and empty,” he said.

The Matata Group has 21 businesses, made of seven Spar stores, Nisela Safaris and farms among others. As the service proceeded in the Steffens’ residence in Matata, the Matata Spar stores and other businesses countrywide were closed for four hours as the brand mourned the death of Steffens senior. Customers waited outside Matata stores, which trade under the brand Matata Spar while over 500 employees of the company, friends and relatives to the demised Steffen, crammed the latter’s home nearby for the memorial service. At the end of the three hour-service, a small aircraft flew above the Steffens’ homes, just before his casket was taken to a hearse which was driven out of the Steffens’ residence. 
The family declined to disclose any funeral details.

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Eddie Sikhondze on 11/05/2014 16:02:37
May your soul rest in peace and God comfort his friends and relatives. Asakhile kulelive letinsizi but we are on our way to the land of honey n milk: the promise land.
Mcondzisi Maseko on 11/05/2014 20:45:23
Umndeni-Tihlobo-Tisebenti nelive lonkhe .Sitsi ay'be mayoyo.Umdali uphile uphindze utsetse .
Mcondzisi Maseko on 11/05/2014 21:00:19
Umdali amane abe kunye nabobonkhe labalahlekelwe.Nkulunkulu uphile phindze utsetse.
Thora Gould on 29/01/2015 20:49:13
This is extremely sad news, I lost contact with the family.....

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