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NHLANGANO – The Bishop Khanyakwezwe Vilakati faction of the Jericho Church has taken an offence to reports that a dove emerged at Bishop Bhekibandla Vilakati’s ceremony over the weekend.

The dove appeared as Vilakati was receiving an Honourary Doctorate at  Moses Bible College of South Africa in Phongola, an event that was attended by an estimated 10 000 Jerichos.
Jerichos led by Bishop Khanyakwezwe have alleged that the issue of the was a propaganda stunt. This has been said by Jeremiah Vilakati, who is the spokesperson for the Jericho Church, led by Khanyakwezwe.

Bhekibandla received his Doctorate Certificate from the College‘s Professor Dr Jotham Nkosi.
While Bishop Bhekibandla was about to receive his Doctorate Certificate a dove invaded the Nsiligwane Hall and shocked many Jerichos. Female Jericho members literally cried and claimed that God has visited and given them the rightful leader. The dove was flying around the head of Bishop Bhekibandla during the vigil

The faction led by Bishop Khanya-kwezwe has dismissed assumption that God sent the dove to the event. “The Jericho Church wishes to state that the dove which visited Bhekibandla did not come from God but was just a propaganda tactic,” claimed Jeremiah.

When asked to elaborate on his statement he said the appearance of the dove raised questions amongst the followers and as a result they had been receiving a lot of calls. “We are receiving a lot of call from the Jerichos who are asking us about the dove which emerged when Bhekibandla got a doctorate, so our position is clear this is propaganda, I repeat,” Jeremiah said.

“The dove came with some of Bheki-bandla followers just to deceive the Jerichos that he is the rightful Jericho leader which is not the case,” alleged Jeremiah.
“This is clear Bhekibandla might have asked his trusted Jericho members to come with the dove and later release it when he received his Doctorate, (phela maningi ematuba ekufuywa, lelituba lelinje kudlalwa ngalo aliphumi nani nani kuNkulunkulu),”said a fuming Jeremiah.


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