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Single mum attempts to kill herself, children

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MANGENI - A single mother tried to commit suicide and threatened to take the lives of her two children aged three and one.

According to sources the problem started after Nontobeko Dlamini (21) was allegedly scolded by her grandmother Veronica Mnisi.

Dlamini was scolded and accused by Mnisi of physically abusing her eldest child whom, it is alleged, she continuously assaulted with open hands.


Mnisi reportedly kept telling Dlamini to refrain from such acts until the day of the argument.

It is said Dlamini argued with her grandmother over the matter and she was ordered to leave the homestead or return the children to their biological fathers.

This did not go down well with Dlamini who immediately packed her belongings and left with her two children.

She is said to have left for the mountains and as it was already dark a community search party went out looking for her.

She was found later that night under a rock with her children.

Dlamini and the children were then taken home.

Police from Mbabane and community health motivators were called to counsel Dlamini who apologised for her actions.


She was kept under close supervision but two days later she was caught by her younger brother searching for weevil tablets.

She is alleged to have only found the container used to store the tablets which she rinsed, and drank the contents with her children.

She and the children were made to throw up the contents.

Mnisi and the community elders were called by the police who ordered that Dlamini should appear at the police station. She, however, has not made an appearance.

"All is well now though the community is trying all it can to find the fathers of the two children.

"We have been watching her closely but fear she might do something again in the long run.

"She seems to be having a lot of problems with raising the children as she is unemployed.

"Her grandmother, the only breadwinner lives off her pension and the fathers of both children are unknown.


"We have reported the matter to Save the Children and have sought assistance from the police in tracing the fathers," said a community health motivator.

Mnisi thanked the rapid response from both the community and police on the issue saying they will work hard in taking care of the children.


Dlamini’s mother when contacted said she wanted nothing to do with the matter because she had given up on her daughter.

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