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Woman in suicide after public sex

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MBABANE – A woman committed suicide after she was found by Mphofu residents having sex with her lover behind a grocery store on Christmas Day.

Hlengiwe Shiba (24), a local resident of the same area, decided to hang herself after a mob, consisting of residents, crowded the couple after they caught them in the act with her boyfriend of three years.

The couple is said to have been enjoying alcoholic beverages on Christmas Day when they unnoticeably slipped away from the rest of the crowd only to be discovered behind the local grocery shop.

Shiba’s predicament was not helped by the fact that, after she was embarrassed by being found by the locals having sex in a public place, her boyfriend turned against her and allegedly made allegations that the deceased had multiple sexual partners.

The boyfriend, name known to this publication, will not be named because of the nature of the allegations and the fact that he could not be reached for comment.

Police Public Relations Officer, Superitendent Wendy Hleta confirmed Shiba’s death.

Her family was shocked to discover in the morning that Shiba, after the humiliating incident on Christmas Day, had committed suicide.

"The woman later left and she was in a questionable state of sobriety but she highlighted that she was going to end her life as she could not face the embarrassment and because of the misunderstanding she had with her lover ," said a source.

The source said, after the deceased had left, her lover sent his sister to go and convince her not to terminate her life and thought she pretended to have made the threats to end her life in jest.

Hleta said police had opened an enquiry into the matter to ascertain if it was indeed a suicide.


"People of this area celebrate Christmas together and the youth usually meet next to the shops and some of them take this opportunity to drink alcoholic beverages. They then turn to do nasty things when they are drunk," added the source.

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