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TIMPHISINI – A jilted man killed the mother of his son, together with her newborn baby, allegedly to vent the anger of not fathering the infant.

The horrific incident took place at Timphisini, in northern Hhohho. Nomphulelo Fakudze (26) and *Sipho, who is now on the run, were in a romantic affair for several years and even had a child, a two-year-old boy together, before the relationship went sour and they went separate ways around September last year. Before the shocking double-murder, the couple resided in Matsapha, where the man was employed in one of the firms. According to family members, it is believed that Sipho arrived at the homestead on Monday, which is exactly four days before the pair was gruesomely murdered on Friday afternoon. It is not clear what she told the man when he arrived at the homestead, but it was gathered that she had been struggling to tell him about the true paternity of her newborn baby.


At the time when she met her death, she was on maternity leave. A resident, Winile Dlamini, who is the witness who made the macabre discovery on Friday afternoon, mentioned that she had last spotted the ex-lovers around noon when they were from a local money lender, apparently to borrow money for the man’s transport fees back to his place of abode, in Matsapha. It was gathered that during the course of the week, it seemed like the pair had somehow mended things, because they were constantly seen walking together. She stated that on Thursday the pair was spotted walking alongside their two-year-old child, while coming from fetching water at a community tank.

At that moment, the woman, with the newborn baby strapped to her back, was reportedly seen pushing a wheelbarrow, while the man was holding the hand of their son. This caused community members to believe that everything was well between the pair.This was allegedly despite the fact that there was a strongly guarded secret about the paternity of the newborn baby of the deceased woman.  It is alleged that close family members had all along known that Sipho was not the father of the newborn and that the woman was seeing another man, which may have partly been the reason why the woman had left the man eight months ago.

It is believed that the woman had already conceived when she left his ex-lover. According to a source, what transpired at the homestead was that over the past eight months, and unable to stomach the pain of the young lady leaving him for another man, the man had been constantly getting in touch with Nomfundo, with the aim of working things out, but to no success.  “After failing to convince her, he headed straight to her homestead, where he ended up getting the truth about the cause of the breakup, and eventually the true paternity of the woman’s newborn baby,” said the source.

The man is reported to have hatched a revenge plan and struck when the pair was left all alone with their son and the woman’s three other children. Other family members were away on different errands when the man arrived at the homestead. “Armed with an axe, a hammer and a knife, the man apparently locked up two toddlers, including their son, inside the family’s main house, where he instructed them to watch television. Then, he proceeded to a chicken shed, where the woman had kept him over his four-day stay at the homestead. This was in order to conceal his presence from family members who had been made to believe that the woman had separated from the father of her two-year-old son and moved on to be with the father of her newborn baby,” said one of the sources.

At the chicken shed, it is alleged that the pair had an argument over the issue of the baby, before the man tried to take the child away from the mother. A struggle for the child is said to have ensued, and it is believed that the baby may have fallen to the ground during the process and sustained fatal injuries to the head. Another version was that the man may have stomped over the baby’s head after he had fallen to the ground and proceeded to stab him before turning towards the mother in a fit of rage.


A blood-stained hammer and axe and the nature of the injuries sustained by the woman on the head and neck caused family members to believe that Nomfundo may have been struck with the axe and further bludgeoned with the hammer. Eyewitness Dlamini told the Times of Eswatini that it was around 3pm when she received a call from the deceased’s mother, telling her she suspected that her daughter could have been killed. She said the woman had mentioned that she received a call from her daughter’s friend, telling her that she had received a call from the deceased’s ex-lover, indicating that he had killed her. The shaking woman then proceeded to call her neighbour, requesting her to go to her homestead and investigate.

“I first came across the two young children who had been locked up in the main house. They told me that their father had informed them that their mother was asleep inside her chicken shed. The clueless children had not bothered to go and check on their mother,” she narrated. Suspecting that something was amiss, the woman proceeded to the chicken shed, where her worst fears were confirmed. She found the severely injured and lifeless body of the young woman lying in a pool of blood. She said the culprit had placed her over a blanket and further used another one to cover her head.

She said it was a horrific scene, as the lifeless body of the newborn baby also lay besides that of the mother. All bore visible injuries. “I could not believe what I was seeing. The immediate reaction was to come out of the chicken shed and call out for help,” recounted the grieving woman, who became frantic upon the sight of the gory scene. Neighbours who heard the commotion, immediately rushed to the shaken woman’s rescue. Several calls were made to relatives who recommended that the issue should be reported to the police. She said police officers from the nearby town of Pigg’s Peak eventually arrived at around 4pm and took the two bodies away, making a first stop at Mkhuzweni Health Centre, where they were both certified dead. The ultimate stop was a local morgue located at Timphisini, where the two corpses were deposited.

The tragic incident was confirmed by Acting Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Assistant Superintendent Nosipho Mnguni in a statement to the press.
“A 26-year-old woman of Timphisini was found with stab wounds around the neck and head, alongside a two-week-old baby, who was also found dead with a stab wound on the head inside a one-roomed house while at Timphisini,” she said.  *Not real name as suspect has not yet been arrested

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