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PIGG’S PEAK– Swimming on a hot day ended tragically for a man after he was electrocuted at Nkonyeni, northern Hhohho.

He died instantly. This is said to have happened around a place known as Tebetebe, a community under Nkonyeni in the Hhohho Region. This area is also adjacent to Maguga in Pigg’s Peak. Due to the area’s water availability and mountainous terrain that makes it difficult for police officers to drive through, the area is known for its vast dagga fields, which are cultivated at large scale.

On the day of the fatal incident, it is alleged that a generator had been connected from one of the houses into the canal. The generator is said to have been using electricity from a nearby homestead. This meant that there was a cable running from the house to the generator, posing danger to livestock, as well as residents. It is also alleged that many people connect generators and that residents of the area are said to be aware of the situation.


However, on the said date, it was gathered that the electricity connection was faulty. A resident said the cable appeared to have been ‘naked’ and that this resulted in shock, which resulted in the fatal incident. While the deceased was swimming, he is alleged to have gotten close to the cable, such that this resulted in him being electrocuted and that he is said to have died instantly.

The incident is said to have happened in broad daylight on Monday, which startled members of the public, as there are some shops nearby. Also, it was gathered that when the incident happened, members of the public gathered nearby, while emergency personnel including the police were called, as it was clear that he had died. Some of the residents expressed concern that drowning in the area was very common.


Also, they said though not all drowning incidents were caused by electrocution due to connection cables in the canal or Nkomazi River. This publication had in the past reported that a man was electrocuted near Tshaneni, while working in a dagga field. It was reported that he was electrocuted by a cable connected to a water pump in one of the rivers in the area.

The water was being pumped to water some dagga in the area, but this resulted in the electrecution of one of the guys who is said to have been working in the dagga fields. Deputy Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Assistant Superintendent Nosipho Mnguni confirmed the drowning of a man around the Maguga area.
Canals around Nyonyane are popular spot for swimming. Unlike rivers, they are not very deep.

However, even in canals, drowning is not uncommon as this publication had in the past reported about people drowning while swimming in them.


It is alleged that the deceased, whose name will not be mentioned for ethical reasons, as his relatives could not be reached for comment, had been swimming in a canal when the incident happened. The area has canals running several kilometres. The water in the canals is meant for irrigation of crop, including sugar cane and maize.
However, it is not uncommon for residents around the area to connect generators to the canal.

In the past, this had resulted in disputes as it was expressed that connections of generators to pump out water resulted in some sections of the canal running dry and making it difficult for others to have access to the much needed resource.

The generators are also sometimes placed in rivers to pump water to the fields where a diversity of crop is cultivated.
Meanwhile, this publication had reported of many drowning around Maguga, particularly in the Nkomazi area.
Most of the drowning incidents are usually of people swimming or crossing the river.

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