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MBABANE – “I was heartbroken brethren.”

This was said by the founder of Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors and Member of Parliament (MP) Timothy Myeni, in response to the circulating audio on social media directed to his driver, Siphiwo Nene, after a conflict. In the audio, Myeni is heard uttering unpalatable words to the driver, who he also dared not to come near his compound or he would shoot and kill him. He is also heard telling Nene that he would die poor. He further told Nene that he would not get his belongings since he (Myeni) was the one who paid him the money he used to buy them.


He is heard telling Nene that his services had been terminated and would not get his salary. “I am not going to pay you for what you have done. You used my truck for your personal gains. Why is my truck passing by my homestead? Where were you taking it to?” asked Myeni in the audio. Yesterday, Myeni sent this reporter an audio in which he clarified the previous incident. In the new audio, he said he was trying to broker peace between him and his driver. “Bengilimele bazalwane kakhulu. In my anger, I ended up uttering words which I was not supposed to say as a child of God,” said Myeni.


Myeni then pleaded for forgiveness from the entire universe and Christians at large on the incident. He said he was truly sorry for what happened. “The reason that led to me speaking in such a manner was that the young man troubled me so much in life. He had worked for me for a year and all this while, I was not happy with him working for me,” he said. Myeni said during that period, many things not related to the work had happened. He alleged that his truck driver had been secretly carrying out some temporary jobs using his truck, to an extent where it had some  mechanical faults.

“I have lost tenders due to the driver’s behaviour. I was using the money to take care of my children. I have forgiven him in all his faults,” he said. Myeni said after discovering that the driver was using his truck for personal gain, he decided to record their conversation. He said he did that after realising that they would no longer work together, looking at all the instances where he (Myeni) had forgiven him.


Meanwhile, Myeni said despite being hurt or heartbroken, he found it wise to issue an apology on the way he spoke, which he said was uncalled for as a child of God, as well as being a man of God. “Brethren you all know that when someone is angry, that individual reflects in action. I shouldn’t have cursed him just as the Bible states that, we must not curse or speak harsh words like I did,” he stated. Myeni admitted his actions. However, he said he was not aware that Nene was recording their conversation. He said during the conversation, he was expressing how he felt regarding Nene’s behaviour.

Furthermore, Myeni said he hoped that God would forgive him for his sins, and then he pleaded with the brethren to also do the same. He said they had made an effort of going to the police station where he met with Nene and apologised to him in person. Myeni pleaded with the brethren to continue praying for him in such a time as this. He said he was, therefore, repenting again, following what had happened.


He admitted that he was retaliating when he said those harsh words.  “I failed this time around after getting to know that I have lost a tender due to my driver’s behaviour. Please forgive me South Africa, Lesotho and everywhere this information may reach. I am humble (sic),” he said. Nene, who was insulted by Myeni, also confirmed that the MP called him to the police station where he made his apology. He said despite all that, he was still traumatised by what befell him.  “It is true that he had apologised just like he had said. I have been sleeping the whole day because of the trauma I am currently experiencing. My mind has been disturbed,” said Nene. He said he had dropped the charges against Myeni after they met at the police station. Thereon, Nene said Myeni had also recalled him to his work despite the tension they had. However, when Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilkati was called yesterday to confirm whether Myeni and Nene had met to resolve their issues, she said they did not keep such records unless a case was opened.

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