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MBABANE –Government Press Secretary Reverend Alpheous Nxumalo says no one should die in politics.

Instead, he said the only thing that should die in politics should be the inferior ideas in order to allow superior ones to prevail and thrive. He said government wished that the pains of the past week might only result in the birth of a peaceful and stable 2023 for all emaSwati. Nxumalo did not specify the pains of the past weeks, but the country lost Thulani Rudolf Maseko, the human rights defender, who was shot dead at his parental home in KaLuhleko, Bhunya. He was killed by an unknown person last Saturday night. The mouthpiece for the government said the Kingdom of Eswatini was emerging from one of the most difficult, daunting and challenging weeks of almost explosive emotions and temptations of a life resigned and sold to fate as opposed to design and purpose. He said government was committed to creating and maintaining an enabling environment for the nation to be safe, protected and peaceful, while the wheels of the electoral process began to roll.

political perspectives

He said government’s expression of this commitment was in line with His Majesty the King’s command that no one should die for his political perspectives, convictions and opinions this year of elections. Nxumalo pointed to the fact that people were basically doing business in politics, trading with and by words, terminologies and statements. He warned that there was no way people should be trading with guns and bullets in politics. The government spokesperson said emaSwati should trade on the principles and values they stood for and those they projected to the society. “Therefore, no one should die in politics. The only things that must die in politics are the inferior ideas in order to allow the superior ideas to prevail and to thrive. Government wishes that the pains of the past week may only result in the birth of a peaceful and stable 2023 for all emaswati,” Nxumalo said.

He said in a country like Eswatini where the citizens have crafted one of the best Constitutions in comparison with others around the globe, the fight should be about the implementation of the provisions of the supreme law as opposed to the fight with guns, bullets and terrorism. He said anyone who was concerned with ‘justice for all’ should demand total adherence to the Constitution as opposed to the political mobilisation of the people to overthrow the existing socio-economic and political order through engaging in violence and other revolutionary subversive instruments. He said those who were showing the spirit of Judas Iscariot by rejecting the national Constitution were actually contributing to the suppression of civil liberties and opposition of emaSwati.

democracy and freedom

Nxumalo said the fight for democracy and freedom was distinctively different from those who had chosen the line of terror as a way to pursue politics. He said terrorism was an instrument of the rule of a tyrannical minority whether in or out of power. “Democracy involves respect for rules when engaged in disputes and conflicts. No doubt, terrorism’s strategy is based on the transgression of rules of civilised conduct,” he said. He urged emaSwati to stand firm against those who have chosen to reject the national Constitution as pathfinder and guider to the nation.  He said there was no substitute for constitutionalism. “The rest will not only compromise and betray the long cherished national cohesion and unity which defines our distinctiveness as a nation,” Nxumalo advised. He emphasised, in his parting shot, that any vision or desire for more open political space in running the country should not and could not be achieved outside the national Constitution.

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