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MBABANE - “I further wish to point out that during our investigations, we had serious difficulty in having people come forward to state what they know about the applicant (lawyer) and his wicked ways as they are afraid of him and the fact that he has, for a very long time, broken the law without being brought to justice.”

Inspector Millicent Dlamini contended that it would not be in the interest of justice to release the lawyer on bail as same would prejudice the smooth operation of the courts. “The applicant will go all out to make sure that the trial does not proceed. I re-iterate that it shall not be in the interest of justice to release the applicant on bail as he is a danger, not only to the witnesses who are his relatives who have hidden his transgressions for so long. He knows that they know the whole truth about his evil acts and he may seek to silence them and /or interfere with them,” contended the investigator. It was further her argument that, in one way or the other, the applicant would get to his children once he was released on bail and their safety would very much be at stake.

Inspector Dlamini said she had been advised that the applicant could be given a speedy trial as an indictment had already been prepared in preparation for his trial.  “Some of the witnesses are in protective custody, meaning, that the case should be dealt with speedily so that the children can go back to school and their daily lives,” she argued. The investigator told the court that, this was a very sad and sensitive matter, which she implored the court to handle delicately in ensuring that justice was done.  She implored the court not to admit the application to bail but order that his trial should be expedited. “I submit that admitting the applicant to bail should not even be an option, let alone that he be released on his own recognisance. The acts alleged to have been committed by the applicant are so painful and unforgivable so much that the court should not allow anyone’s child to be associated with the applicant,” said the investigator.

The investigator averred that the applicant allegedly destroyed his own children’s future and subjected them to so much emotional havoc such that they needed to undergo counselling to ever trust a male figure again. According to Inspector Dlamini, the proportionality of their emotional trauma was not known and if they would hear that the applicant was out on bail, and actually see him living large, would destroy their newly-found confidence and relive their traumatic past. *The name of the lawyer has been withheld to protect the identity of the children.

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