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KASHEWULA – Two years after being saved from about eight years of house confinement, the two virgin sisters are back in isolation.

Hleziphi (37) and Ncobile (35) Mphaphu are two sisters who had been living in house confinement for eight years since 2012 as their right and responsibility to adhere to a vision that came through their mother. In the vision, they were ordered to remain in the house until their ‘husband’ arrived. This publication broke the story on October 21, 2019, and reported that the two sisters remained indoors as a fulfillment of their religious purpose. The duo resides at KaShewula, Mnyamatsini area and fellowship in the Shembe Nazareth Church.


Their mother had shared with this publication that her two children were virgins. According to the mother, she heard a voice through a dream from their god. She claimed that it informed her to seclude the duo from the world and serve him until the right time for them to become wives - a time which to this day had not been revealed. When explaining the women’s confinement, the mother said it was called kugoma, meaning a sacred time for women to be set apart from the world and be confined in a room until their god appeared to them in a dream to inform them when to return to the world. She said this was done by women who were ready for marriage. She further revealed that the room they were staying in was called emgoncweni.

According to the mother, the two virgin women stayed in their room and were not allowed to do anything except to pray and communicate with their god. Within a week of breaking the story at the time, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Themba Masuku, together with a team of officials from his office, the police, health officers and members of the Emergency Medical Services and members of the Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe) arrived at the Mphaphu homestead to rescue the virgins. They were taken away to a health facility and help through counselling was offered. The DPM’s Office even built a two-roomed house for the virgins and provided groceries.

About three years later, a visit back to the Mphaphu homestead last Friday found their elder brother, Sabelo, who welcomed this publication into their home. Sabelo offered this publication a chair and grass mat to sit on. He was asked the opportunity to meet with the two virgins and see how they were doing. He went inside their hut. About five minutes later, he returned and told this publication that the two women were not in the right spiritual frame to meet with people from the outside world. Nonetheless, he employed to rather engage with this reporter. “My sisters are well and alive. They are in their hut. We have had many people who come here and we have been explaining to them countless times about our situation and we are now tired,” Sabelo said. The brother maintained that the sisters were living as they did before the DPM and his delegation came to offer assistance.  However, this time around, he was skeptical with disclosing information as he politely stated that he could not share any more. He highlighted though, that the family needed assistance with foodstuff as they only survived by the grace of God.


He added that the younger sister was now paralysed and could not walk. He disclosed that the elder sister could not live a normal life and attend church services and leave her younger sister behind. Sabelo mentioned that their mother passed on in 2019 and life became difficult. However, he said they were able to make ends meet through the assistance of good Samaritans who came by and offered any form of assistance in food and money. Communications Officer in the DPM’s Office Mihla Khumalo expressed shock on the latest discovery about the virgins. Khumalo said the office of the DPM would once again pay a visit to assess the situation and then act.

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