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MBABANE – The woman who was hacked allegedly by a civil servant, is now living in fear after her husband, an inspector in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, is allegedly threatening her.

*Sindi is the woman who was hacked all over her body allegedly by her husband with a bush knife after she refused to engage in sexual intercourse with him. The incident happened last week Monday around midnight, and on Tuesday morning, she was rushed to the Raleigh Fitkin Memorial (RFM) Hospital for medical attention.


On Wednesday, the husband was arrested and charged under the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence (SODV) Act. On Thursday, he appeared in court and was later that day released on bail. Sindi said on Friday evening, the accused sent her a text message, informing her that he had been released on bail. She said this did not sit well with her, as she did not understand why he was informing her about his release from police custody and as such, felt threatened.

Sindi said she felt threatened by the accused informing her about being released from police custody. She said she could not even sleep because she did not know what the accused was planning. She wondered how in the first place someone who almost (allegedly) killed her was released so soon. Sindi said she had blocked the accused from calling her and that was why he opted to send her text messages. It was gathered that the accused had attempted to call her first, before sending the text messages. In fact, before sending the text message informing her that he had been released on bail, the accused allegedly sent another one asking Sindi why she was not responding to other messages he had sent earlier on.


In some of the text messages that were seen by this publication, the accused tried to apologise to Sindi, stating that he did not know what had gotten into him leading to him committing such an offence. However, Sindi said she was now scared of the accused and alleged that he threatened her brother regarding the family’s involvement in their domestic squabbles. When asked if she had reported the threats to the police, Sindi said her mother called the police officer who was handling the matter and that the law enforcer advised her that the matter was now in court so if there were threats, they should be reported to the magistrate. Sindi said the officer who was handling the case informed them that he was away on leave, but was also shocked to learn than the accused had been released on bail. She said today, her mother would visit the Manzini Magistrates Court to report the matter.


She narrated to this publication that another thorn in her flesh was the manner in which she was discharged from the hospital. She narrated that she was admitted in the wee hours of Tuesday, but then on Wednesday she was discharged. She said one particular medical staff member informed her that she would be discharged earlier because she had allowed the media to come and interview her inside  the hospital. She said the healthcare worker made other unpleasant remarks about her situation, which will not be printed because they could not be verified.

“This hurt me so much because I almost lost my life and for people who were supposed to help me to say was the last straw,” said Dlamini. When sought for comment, RFM Hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ben Simelane said he would get to the bottom of the matter and would then be in a position to respond. It is worth noting that the incident (hacking) took place in front of Sindi’s 11-year-old son, who was left traumatised by seeing his mother being assaulted in that manner. Efforts to get comment from the accused regarding his messages to Sindi were futile as his phone was not available when called several times yesterday.

*Not real name to protect survivor

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