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NHLANGANO – Six pupils were admitted to hospital and three were arrested after a fight broke out at Hosea High School.

This was after one pupil in Form V went to the morning assembly carrying a Bluetooth speaker, which he played while the school’s Head teacher, Sikhumbuzo Dlamini, was addressing the pupils. The music played was a political song. Another pupil in Form III told his schoolmate to switch off the music and in response, he (Form III pupil) was told to do it himself and he did. Thereafter, the head teacher immediately dispersed the pupils to their various classrooms. Having dispersed them, it was alleged that the Form V pupil, together with his friends, then went to attack the Form III pupil.

Sources revealed that, as he was being assaulted, one pupil called the relatives of the Form III pupil to inform them that their child was being assaulted after which, they came to the school armed. The Form V pupil is also said to have called for backup as well and a van full of people arrived to help their own, hence, intensifying the already bad situation. In a video that was shared with this publication, certain people, not in uniform, were seen assaulting one male pupil with a stick and dragging him, while other pupils followed. It was seen in the video that there was another group that was beating another pupil, while others intervened and tried to stop the fight.


According to impeccable sources, the fight went on until the arrival of police officers, who took the injured pupils to hospital where they were treated. It was said that the police were called by the head teacher, as he could not break the fight on his own.  “All the teachers ran for cover upon the arrival of the community members, having tried to break the fight while the pupils were on their own,” narrated the source. The head teacher confirmed the fight to have taken place at the school after the speaker incident during morning assembly. He explained that the reason he immediately dispersed the pupils was so they could not mobilise, as he thought the intention for the disturbance was to engage in a protest. “I then went to the office and a teacher came to inform me that the pupils were fighting outside,” he said.


Dlamini confirmed to have called the police to assist in maintaining peace, as they could not break the fight on their own. He further stated that he then told all the pupils to go home and requested them to call their parents for a meeting, which would be held today. Meanwhile, Shiselweni Regional Education Officer (REO), Siboniso Gumbi, confirmed to have received a report about the fight and the closure of the school. “I will be attending the meeting to map a way forward with the parents and to find out what happened,” said Gumbi. Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati confirmed that police reported to the scene to maintain peace and order. She stated that police took six injured pupils to hospital. “This morning (yesterday) we arrested seven people in connection with the incident and three of them are pupils at the school,” she said.

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