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LOBAMBA – Motshane MP Robert Magongo suspects that the His Majesty King Mswati III does not have advisors.

This he said during a meeting which was attended by about 18 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the House on Monday afternoon, where they resolved that the Speaker, Petros Mavimbela, calls an urgent sitting. MP Magongo said as legislators, they should perhaps also seek an audience with the King, where they would have an opportunity to inform him that the situation on the ground was not okay.

He said he suspected that the King did not have any advisors because when he had gone on an assignment to open a hospital, he then discussed other issues.
“Presidents are criticised all over, but they do not address such issues and they keep quiet,” said Magongo. He said instead, there was some form of retaliation and this was a clear sign that the King did not have advisors and therefore they should go home. “Abahambe nje baye emakhaya,” he said in siSwati.


He was supporting Dvokodvwerni MP Mduduzi Magagula, who said perhaps 10 MPs should be selected to seek an audience with the King about dialogue or even the entire House. MP Magagula further said the Prime Minister, Cleopas Dlamini, should also call the police to order because of the continued police brutality.
He said a man had been shot and killed by police just for breaking curfew hours, while pupils were also being shot. Meanwhile, Mkhiweni MP Ndlelayekuphila Masuku said he had been a victim of the violent June protests and stated that they were being deprived of an opportunity to discuss these issues to map a way forward.

He said similar incidents had occurred in many places around the world, stating that they were always sparked by small things. He said that was why countries like Lybia and Iraq had leaders in Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, who were brutally killed. On the Speaker’s issue, Ntfonjeni MP Sifiso Magagula said he was very disappointed in the Speaker for cancelling Monday’s sitting. He said Mavimbela was a politician who was elected by the people of Mhlambanyatsi and the MPs had elected him to lead them.  


“The Speaker has closed the very organ which is supposed to be used for people to speak and raise their concerns,” said Magagula. He said there was no medication in hospitals and MPs were made to face the brunt of the people’s anger as they were told that they did not care about the masses because the legislators had medical aid.  “Speaker must respect Parliament and respect the country and emaSwati,” he said. Nhlambeni MP Manzi Zwane alleged that the Speaker was showing that he is captured. He claimed it was clear that Mavimbela was instructed to cancel the sitting. He said it was clear that MPs were only in Parliament to approve budget allocations as that was the only time they met.  

“How can we remove ingwe lehleti esihlahleni?” he queried. Mpolonjeni MP Jacob Siwela said he was also hurt and disappointed by the Speaker’s actions.
“The Speaker must be assisted because clearly something is wrong, he must tell us in a caucus what his problem is,” he said.

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