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MBABANE – “I like the monarchy, I love the King.”

These were sentiments shared by Siphofaneni Member of Parliament Mduduzi Gawuzela Simelane, adding that it was his personal feeling which was not supported by many people whom they shared the same (political) views with. Simelane said although it was a personal feeling, he would change it if the people felt it was wrong because it’s the people who have to decide. According to Simelane despite that he had heard a lot about the authorities were allegedly plotting against him, he did not have ill feelings against anyone. He stated that God entrusted him with the nation and was going to question him one day. “Whether I will live after this interview or not, may you please give the people their democracy,” he said, directing this plea to the authorities. He said if the King could open dialogue, it would be possible for him to continue sitting on the throne and the people live well.

The MP said he was much against the monarchy interfering in the people’s governance and should not oppress them as well. Simelane urged the King to introspect himself as what was happening was not suppose to be happening, adding that he had to be on the people’s side. He also appealed to Her Majesty the Queen Mother to intervene in the matter, stating that she was alive for a reason and should fix things. The legislator also asked Prince Sicalo and Princess Sikhanyiso to engage with the King as well as Emakhosikati, questioning whether they were happy with what was happening in the country. He said God would judge them as there was life after this.


He said as it stood, the issue of the prime minister’s appointment was a conjured and what monarchy wanted. The legislator said the late PM Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini was appointed by His Majesty King Mswati III and following his appointment he came with the Bill to build a new Parliament structure worth billions. “The late PM knew I would oppose the motion of the Bill, hence he summoned me to his office and spoke the truth that it was not the right time for the bill. He said it was time for improving the health system and roads but if I were also to be in his position, I would be pushing for the bill.” He said the late PM urged that he works with him. Simelane said the PM knew the decision was wrong but for him to survive, he had to please the powers that be.
Simelane also questioned some princes; Masitsela and Guduza among others if they were happy in the manner that royalty was handling things in the country. Simelane said he was not a fan of the late King Sobhuza II but could make a comparison during his time and the current one.

He said he was directing the question to Prince Masitsela because he once told him a story that King Sobhuza II sewed his lihiya when it was torn because he respected people’s wealth and believed in the notion that; ‘akusiko kwam, kwebantfu loosely translated it does not belong to me but the people.’ He said King Sobhuza II also respected Tibiyo and said it belonged to the people. The legislator wanted to know what the prince had done to correct the current situation and why blame him for wanting to correct the wrong happening in the country. Simelane said that was why he was fighting for social justice and if what they wanted was the same thing political parties wanted they would go hand in hand because they have a common motive for the people to be liberated.  The MP said he wanted emaSwati to know that if they did not fix the current system it would cost them more in future.  

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