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PIGG’S PEAK – A teacher who tested positive for COVID-19 at Ekudvwaleni High School is reporting for work despite that she has not been declared negative and is taking medication.

Under normal circumstances, a patient is supposed to be certified negative before they can return and mingle with others. This, however, is not the case for the teacher based at Ekudvwaleni High School. The teacher confirmed that she was back at school and that she had been away for the recommended 10 days. She said she had been taking medication and that she was feeling much better though she had not received negative results as yet. “I have not yet been tested again but I have to be back at school,” she said. The teacher also said though she believed she had recovered, she ran out of medication and was advised to go to the hospital and collect more. She reiterated that she was feeling better, but was not sure whether she was positive or negative as she had not been re-tested. She also said she was not sure whether she was still infectious.


Noteworthy is that another teacher also tested positive at the same school. The male teacher had been at the school until Tuesday, but was informed in the evening that he had tested positive for the virus. He returned to school on Monday after being in quarantine while waiting for his results. The teacher, whose name will not be mentioned for ethical reasons, confirmed that he received results on Tuesday and that he would have to spend 10 more days at home.


He said he was already in isolation after he had taken the test. “I am much better than I was before,” he said. The teacher also clarified that he did not interact with pupils because he did not teach Form Vs. He, however, said he had been interacting with another teacher, who also tested positive. “We even used to share oranges and exchange money so when she tested positive, I also went to check,” said the teacher.  He also revealed that the results took so long that the 10-day isolation period lapsed. This news instilled fear in other teachers who said they did not believe the teacher could have recovered so soon. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a male teacher questioned if the return of the teacher was based on the recently released recommendations.

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