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MBABANE – Blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives.

The common biblical saying is relevant to support that has been assured by Members of Parliament (MPs) in the form of pledges to pay school fees for some of their constituents’ children in the different constituencies. As per the norm, the electorate  come knocking at the doors of the legislators, particularly at this time of the year, seeking financial assistance in terms of paying school fees and buying uniform for their children as schools will be opening in less than a week.


With bus fare hikes coming into effect tomorrow, the financial challenges faced by some of the electorate vary and among the options they have for financial assistance, MPs are one of them. Nkwene MP Vulimpompi Nhleko said he had already made pledges to some members of his constituency and understanding the situation at some homesteads, he was willing to help where he could. He said there was not much he could do because there were many needy people out there but wherever he could assist, he would do so. “Many parents are going through a tough time especially at this time of the year because they either have to pay school fees or buy school uniform for their children yet a lot of them are not financially stable. “Their problems come with varying expenses and costs.


“I have made an undertaking to make contributions through my January salary and share among a few of the needy parents to cover their children’s school expenses,” he said. Sandleni MP Noah Gama said he also made an undertaking to help some of the less privileged in every chiefdom under his constituency. However, Gama said there were people who were calling him to ask for financial assistance in terms of paying school fees yet they were only trying their luck. “Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between someone who genuinely needs help and someone who is simply trying their luck,” Gama said.

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