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MANZINI – It still remains a mystery how an elderly woman, who was discovered naked, landed on the rooftop at a Mamba homestead at Madonsa.
The elderly woman, whose identity was not established, is said to have caused a scare at the Mamba homestead as she is alleged to have landed on the rooftop of one of the houses in the compound before falling to the ground.

What remains a mystery is how she got to be on the rooftop, stark naked, with a whitish substance smeared on her face.
Narrating the details of the episode, Phumelele Dlamini, who was also an eyewitness to the episode, said one of her siblings immediately went outside to check what had fallen on the roof when she heard a huge thud, and to her surprise, she was met by the woman who was stark naked and running away.


It is believed that after landing on the roof, she rolled to the ground and tried getting away but was instantly stopped on her tracks by the family members.
According to Dlamini, her sibling immediately raised the alarm, waking everybody at the homestead.  She said they chased after the naked woman and eventually caught her and tied her with a rope. Thereafter, Dlamini said they alerted their neighbours about the suspicious woman who had smeared some white powder on her face, to come and witness the scene.

She added that the woman was questioned about her intentions and how she landed on the rooftop. According to Dlamini, when the woman answered the questions, she initially alleged that she was from a traditional healer’s initiation school. 
When further pressed with questions, she changed tune allegedly stating that she was  from Mankayane and had come to the homestead to ‘free’ one of the family members whom she identified. This, Dlamini said shocked them as there was a family member who had the name and surname pointed out by the woman.

Dlamini said most of the people at the scene suggested that the woman should be burnt alive because her mission was unknown. This is when they saw a police van arriving at the scene, something that surprised them as they had not at any given moment informed the police about the incident.
Meanwhile, many speculations were deliberated and pointed out by the family and residents of Madonsa regarding the woman’s suspicious behaviour’.


They said the manner she appeared, including her being naked and also smearing something that looked like white powder on her face, was suspicious. 
Others though said she could be mentally unstable, something which the police also believe could be the case.
Meanwhile, they said they were also amazed on how she landed on the rooftop.

“These are really not good signs, especially when you are later found in a private compound,” said the neighbours.
Chief Police Information and Communications Officer, Superintendent Phindile Vilakati confirmed that a naked woman was discovered at the Mamba homestead.

Vilakati said what they gathered during their investigations was that the woman was mentally challenged. She said her relatives were identified by the police and she was taken to the National Psychiatric Hospital in Manzini where she was further examined.

She said it was unfortunate that she was discovered on private property in a compromising situation but her mental condition, which is yet to be proven true, could make her do anything which was unbelievable. 

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