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MBABANE – The wife of the Zionist priest who was arrested for allegedly subjecting his three daughters to sexual abuse is said to have watched helplessly as the former reportedly conducted nefarious acts on the children in front of her.
This was disclosed by the police in an affidavit where they are vigorously opposing the priest bail application.

The wife is said to have approached the clergyman on several occasions, lodging her disapproval of the children to bathing him.
In a statement she recorded with the police, she disclosed that she further volunteered to bathe her husband (accused) but he allegedly refused and instead demanded that the children should bathe him and further brush his private parts while she (wife) watched in shock.

According to the investigator of the case, Thando Dlamini of Buhleni Police Post, he informed the court that it would not be in the interest of justice to release the accused from custody. He informed the court that there was evidence that some of the priest’s relatives tried to talk to him to desist from sexually abusing the children but he allegedly continued until one of them fell pregnant.


“May I further state that there is evidence of the accused person’s wife who witnessed the accused being bathed naked by his own children on several occasions and when she complained about that, it fell on deaf ears as he never stopped,” contended the police officer.
He further pointed out that the witnesses, including the wife, had recorded statements with the police and were willing to testify against the accused as the abuse on the children happened for a long period of time.
“May I state that there is a likelihood that the accused may attempt to evade trial once released on bail when looking at the nature and gravity of the charges preferred against him,” submitted the police officer. The law enforcer went on to tell the court that the evidence against the accused was cogent and reliable as it was obtained from family members. According to Dlamini (police officer), this might induce the priest to evade trial.

“ I submit that the accused might attempt to influence or intimidate witnesses once released on bail as some of the survivors are his biological children whom they stay together with in one homestead,” contended Dlamini. He further pointed out that these children were born out of wedlock and had no other place to go as they grew up staying with their father. He averred that there was a likelihood that the release of the accused might disturb the public order or undermine public peace in the community. According to the police officer, the community where the incident happened was baying for the priest’s blood as they had already burnt his consultation room and the incident was reported by the Times of Eswatini.

Dlamini also disclosed that the survivor, in counts one and five, had now moved from the area to Mbabane where the accused claimed he relocated to.
She (survivor) will not be at ease to know that her father has also moved to Mbabane as she will not know what he will do if they accidentally meet.


“I aver that it is not necessary for the accused to personally influence the survivors as he can influence them through his associates since he knows a lot of people who were consulting with him as a traditional healer,” submitted the investigator.
 The priest (52) is alleged to have had unlawful sexual intercourse with his three daughters over a period of seven years. He has been charged with nine counts under the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence (SODV) Act 15/2018.
According to the charge sheet, *Logo allegedly had unlawful and unprotected sexual intercourse with his three daughters who are now aged 24, 21 and 18.

All the nine counts are accompanied by aggravating factors in that he exposed his children to sexually transmitted illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. He is said to have also inflicted physical and lifetime mental trauma on his daughters.
It is alleged that none of the sisters reported the incidents which are said to have gone on for several years, in fear of suffering consequences.
The Zionist priest allegedly used to force his children to bathe him.

After bathing, he would allegedly then order the daughters to apply lotion on his body and get him ready for the day.
Meanwhile, in his application for bail, the priest alleged that his brother teamed up with his daughters against him and his wife.


He told the court that his brother and daughters allegedly disapproved of his marriage to his current wife.
The accused, who is represented by Nhlanhla Ginindza of N.E. Ginindza Attorneys, alleged that his daughters accused their stepmother of ill-treating them.
“They accused me of taking my wife’s side when she reprimanded them,” the priest alleged.

He implored the court to grant him bail. Logo submitted that it would not be in the interest of justice to refuse him bail. He said at the time of his arrest on December 29, 2019, he was suffering from an ailment for which he required traditional medicine since western medicine could not cure his sickness.

“I have to take traditional medicine for the ailment. Unfortunately I am not allowed to bring my medicine inside the prison neither is traditional medicine offered there.”
The bail application is still pending in court and appearing for the Crown is Beauty Fakudze from the chamber of the director of public prosecutions.
*Not real name to protect survivors

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