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MANZINI - In a twist of events, Liqoqo Council has summoned the Mthethwa clan to assist in locating self-proclaimed Prophet Gcina Mthethwa.

This comes after the prophet left the country and went to neighbouring South Africa after allegations that he was wanted dead by certain people.
However, it should be noted that the alleged death threats were never proven to be true.

The Mthethwa family from Ngungwane was summoned by the council to Ludzidzini Royal Kraal on Sunday at around 2pm. However, the meeting was said to have not materialised. Information gathered from a reliable source was to the effect that the agenda of the meeting was solely centred on Gcina’s outbursts in the media as well as social media, where he was critical of the country’s authorities. He would often claim to have received prophecies regarding how the country was being managed.


It was reported that at first, there was allegedly a division among the family members concerning the summon, as some felt that it was at short notice, yet there was no urgency on the matter as the message could be relayed any day and anytime.
Liqoqo Chairman Paul Dlamini, when contacted yesterday, confirmed that the council had summoned the Mthethwa clan with the intention to discuss the matter in question; however, he said the deliberations did not proceed.

He highlighted that the deliberations were stalled by the passing away of one of the Mthethwa family members. Details relating to the death could not be ascertained though.
When probed about the intended agenda of the meeting, the chairman was quick to mention that it had everything to do with Prophet Gcina’s inability to adhere to the country’s protocol when expressing prophecies directed towards the country’s authorities.

Dlamini said as per the country’s protocol and laid down procedure, in the event someone had a prophesy from God regarding the country’s authorities, that individual had to approach Liqoqo Council to deliver the prophecy. He said if need be, the council would then be mandated to usher that particular individual to His Majesty King Mswati III, where he would then be in a position to deliver the prophecy. He described what Gcina did as unethical and uncalled for.


“What Mthethwa (Gcina) did was contrary to the country’s protocol and procedure. As a result, the council deemed it fit to summon the Mthethwa clan to the royal kraal to assist in the matter,” he explained.

When asked about the charges which were likely to be preferred against the prophet should it be found that he allegedly violated certain procedures, Dlamini mentioned that such would depend on the deliberations they would have with the family but for now all he knew was that what the prophet did was totally wrong.        

He mentioned that they were still eager to find out the motive behind the prophet’s action of uttering the prophecies in the manner in which he did.
“We are still curious to find out the prophet’s exact motive in connection to the prophecies, whether he was being driven by ignorance or he just did it intentionally,” Dlamini said. 

On the other hand, Mathokoza Mthethwa confirmed that the family had been summoned to Ludzidzini.
He said the council (Liqoqo) had summoned them with the intention to ask them to help them in locating Gcina. He also confirmed that the meeting was stalled by the passing away of one of their own. When asked about the new date on which they would report back to the council, he stated that there was no specific date given to them by the council as yet.  

He mentioned that as a family, they were also in the dark concerning the prophet’s whereabouts.
He did, however, mention the fact that as a family, they were also looking for him and he assured that in the event they located him, they would hand him over to the country’s authorities.
“We have been searching for Mthethwa (Gcina) as well and once we locate him and if the authorities of this country still need him, they could contact us and we would be pleased to hand him over to them,” he said. 

Efforts to obtain a comment from the prophet proved futile as he left the kingdom for neighbouring South Africa amid claims that he was wanted dead.  It is worth noting that the prophet was from time to time seen in the midst of the public sector associations (PSAs) in their quest for a cost-of-living adjustment (CoLA).


Also during his last interview with this publication before he left for South Africa, Gcina claimed that he was heading for exile in the Republic.  
Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed prophet once prophesied that accidents will not stop and prominent people will continue to die until he relayed the message from God to the authorities of the country.

Gcina had said this following a tragic accident that happened at Manzini Bus Rank one fateful Tuesday afternoon where a runaway bus crashed and killed two people. He then claimed that God told him a message for the country and said he must convey it to the country’s authorities.
He said after telling him, the Lord came to him again and told him that since he had not relayed His message to the authorities of the country, the accidents would not stop and He (God) would shift His anger to a place he (Gcina) would not mention because he might be jailed. However, the self-proclaimed prophet said the effect of God’s anger in the place he would not mention had already started. He emphasised that he would not mention the nature of the anger of the Lord where it was experienced.


“As we are talking, the anger of God has started hitting where He said He would direct it and it will happen every week. To be certain, every week, there will be lives lost until I am given the opportunity to convey the Lord’s message for the country to the authorities.

“I have a good message for the country but the Lord instructed me to deliver it to the authorities of the country. One person once asked me why I was not going to the authorities to deliver the message but the reason is that the Lord told me that I must wait for them to call me,” he claimed at the time.

The prophet said two prominent people, who could not be mentioned, have already died and before one of them could be buried, another would pass on. He had claimed that this would happen until the authorities called him to deliver the message from God.  He said good things from God came with certain commitments and in this case, the commitment was for the authorities to call him, not him going to them to deliver the message.

Gcina claimed that there was nothing he could do to help the situation as it was not done by him but it was the anger of the Lord.
In one of his recent interviews, he further challenged the nation to kill him if the Tinkhundla system of governance was still operational in 2020.

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