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MANZINI – Eswatini drink-driving offenders should gear themselves up for a new era that will rectify their plight.

This is because the offenders would soon be ferried home by would-be rehabilitated sex workers after taking one too many.
The sex workers would be offered the aforementioned task as part of a rehabilitative three-phase programme that will be initiated by Vision 2022 Ministries Eswatini in a verge to bring new hope to them (sex workers).

This was relayed by Vision 2022 Ministries Eswatini (a non-governmental organisation) Executive Director Themba Magagula yesterday.
This publication recently reported that poverty and sex work were intertwined in real battles of life at every street corner in Manzini.
Unconfirmed reports are to the effect that Manzini has the highest number of sex workers plying their trade within the city.


Interviewed sex workers, when asked why they opted for this trade, said they were attending one of the tertiary institutions in the country and could not cope with the expenses of commuting to campus, renting and being presentable.

One of them said she was not sponsored and as a result she needed to earn money in order to survive.
This publication reported last year that sex workers were now infiltrating the rural areas. Buhleni was singled out as one of the areas where sex workers were plying their trade.

Given the fact that it is hard to find an area in the city which the sex industry, has not infiltrated, Magagula, who also referred to himself as ‘Bra SSS’, has deemed it befitting through his organisation to step into the fore to remedy the sex workers’ plight by offering employment opportunities to them through the three-phase rehabilitative programme.

The programme, according to Magagula, would not only present job opportunities to the sex workers, but it would also play a pivotal role in rehabilitating them to become conscientious citizens of the country.  
According to Magagula, all that is required from the sex workers to take part in the programme, whose intention is to transform their lives, is a registration fee amounting to E100.

Magagula further elaborated that phase one of the rehabilitative programme would comprise driving tutorials for the sex workers.
“The applicants would take driving lessons at a designated driving school, so as to secure a valid driver’s licence,” he said.

This, he said would equip them for phase two of the programme, which would be to ferry those who were not eligible to sit behind the steering wheel after taking one too many from bars across the country to their respective destinations.
He mentioned that for a start, the ladies of the night would be servicing alcohol imbibers from Manzini to Mbabane at a fee which would generate income for them in the process.

He said the sex workers would transport the imbibers in their own cars and he would have a vehicle that would then pick up the sex workers.
Magagula hinted that this programme won’t be complicated for the sex workers because they were familiar with the chore of interacting with strangers during odd hours.

He mentioned that the programme would be beneficial to the country at large in that road accidents would be minimised.
Magagula also highlighted that he was of the view that the tourism sector would also be rejuvenated through this programme, given the fact that the rate of road accidents in the country would greatly decrease, hence attracting many tourists into the country. 

He also divulged that the programme would help minimise the crime rate in the country as few people would be nabbed for drink-driving.   
Magagula cited that some of the sex workers would be employed as kombi and truck drivers during the course of the programme.


He disclosed that phase three of the programme would entail counselling sessions, which would be ongoing while the sex workers would be executing the aforementioned tasks.

“The main aim of the programme is not only to provide job opportunities to the sex workers but to transform them to become sensible citizens who would settle down and get married to one steady partner after graduating from the programme,” said Magagula.
When asked what motivated him to initiate such a programme within the organisation, he said it was his sorrowful upbringing as he claimed that he grew up as a street kid.

“I used to eat from dustbins during the colonial era in Mbabane as I had no one to fend for me. As a result, I know the agony that comes with being unemployed, hence my passion to assist the sex workers,” he explained. 

When probed about the possibility of the programme’s activities enticing   the sex workers to be more involved in their old habit instead of refraining from it, as they would be exposed to male clients at awkward spaces during odd hours who would be intoxicated to make matters worse, he refuted the possibility.
He cited that the main intention of the programme was to rehabilitate the sex workers.

As a result, during the course of the programme, they would be equipped with transformational materials that would make it impossible for them to consider going back to their old ways. 

Magagula urged all sex workers across the country and all those who might happen to know one to encourage them to contact their offices at 7661 9242 or visit their offices at Manzini Heights Building for registration.
He assured all interested candidates that their identity would be strictly confidential.
Magagula said their salaries would be performance based.

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