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MBABANE – You are evicted! This is a popular phrase synonymous with Big Brother, a reality television show where people from various backgrounds are forced to live as roommates while heeding to rules and guidelines of the house.

Just like Big Brother, the Ministry of Public Service has adopted this phrase, as it wants about 60 former civil servants out of the government pool of houses.
Acting Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Constance Vilakati, confirmed that the ministry had written to the office of the Attorney General (AG) seeking assistance with the eviction of the illegal occupants.

Vilakati was uncomfortable discussing the contents of the letters, citing that they bordered on employer – employee confidentiality.
However, in this case, it did not exist as the said individuals are no longer under the employ of the civil service.

The letters sent to the AG’s office from the Ministry of Public Service date back to February 2019.
The former civil servants, who are wanted out of the government pool of houses, include retired senior civil service personnel, deceased employees and those illegally occupying government houses.

One of the former senior civil servants had his name forwarded to the office of the AG on May 31, 2019. 
The letter was seeking that the individual be evicted, following that his contract had lapsed with the civil service.
“He is currently occupying a three-bedroom house. As at May 31, 2019, he owes commercial rent of E4 193.53 calculated at a monthly rate of E2 600,” reads in part the letter.


Also, another former senior public service servant is wanted out following that he has overstayed in his government allocated house.
Furthermore, the acting PS said families of deceased civil servants were a challenge to deal with.

One family that allegedly frustrated the operations of the ministry, is that of a former Ministry of Finance under the Treasury Department. 
In a letter dated March 12, 2019, the office of the PS wrote to the AG’s office requesting its assistance to evict a nurse, who is said to be working under the Ministry of Health.

The nurse was identified as a sister to the deceased accountant.
The nurse was further reported to the AG’s office as living illegally with her two children.
When communicating with the AG’s office, the office of the PS reported that the nurse and her two children were occupying a leased two-bedroom flat that had been occupied by the deceased before she passed on.

The office of the PS articulated that they had formally informed the deceased’s next-of-kin through housing officers numerous times.
Another civil servant who was reported to the AG’s office, was an inspector of schools in the Ministry of Education and Training.


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