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MBABANE – Without any scientific evidence at his disposal, a man believes that peer pressure has left him with a lump on his head.

Siyabonga Shongwe (29) of Pigg’s Peak in the Hhohho Region, northern part of the country, is now living in pain following a lump that grows on the back of his head which he believed was caused by too much shaving. Narrating his story, Shongwe stated that when he was eight years, he started having grey hair (lufuto) and his classmates and people close to him, used to tease him about it. He said it was then that he developed a habit of shaving his hair so as to look normal for his age. That, he said, led him to what then made his life so miserable.
“I started to feel some discomfort at the back of my head and it developed into a lump,” stated Shongwe.


He mentioned that he then had to drop out of tertiary when he was supposed to further his studies for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education as he was aspiring to be a teacher. What hurts him, he said, was that people now looked at him like he was a lunatic, adding that he cannot walk around without a hat as everyone would stare at him and that made him uncomfortable. “I have tried the local hospitals and what they have done is nothing more than to prescribe me tablets that do not help me any how and worse, the medication was expensive from local pharmacies,” added Shongwe.

He said he was seeking help from the nation as he was now subjected to a very bitter life. He mentioned how he has countless times, considered suicide as the easy way out compared to the pain and rejection he was getting on a daily basis. “I sometimes even think of taking my own life because I am now useless, I cannot further my studies because of this,” narrated Shongwe. He added that he cannot go around without a hat and could not even go to church because everyone stared at him.


He went on to narrate how he got his hopes back when his mother came to tell him that she met a man who had scars at the back of his head and asked him how he got help after having a conversation with him, to which he told her that he went to a private doctor around Manzini.

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