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MBUTFU – Sad and dreadful! The above words best describe the painful life of a 12-year-old boy of Mbutfu area near Lubuli.
*Zama suffers from faecal incontinence, which is the inability to control bowel movements, causing him to relieve himself unexpectedly.
He also wets himself and this certainly means that his excretory system is dysfunctional.

As such, at his age, he still uses diapers.
Zama is a Grade II pupil at one of the primary schools near Mbutfu area, along the way to Lavumisa.
His family says he could be in a higher level at school if it were not for his condition.

He once spent some time at home after teachers and pupils at his former school complained of an unpleasant odour around him, the family said.


“He was born like this. You will see; he has a protruding tissue on the back, just above the buttocks,” said Zama’s father.
However, some members of the family confided to this reporter that the boy’s condition was worsened by a botched customary procedure, which damaged his rectum and anal sphincter muscles.

“Walimala batsi bamkhipha sigweba (he was injured while they were removing a lump from his rectum),” revealed a close family member, while pleading with this reporter not to disclose the source of this information.

“The family doesn’t want this to be known. So please don’t reveal my name,” said the family member.

However, when she was asked about this, Zama’s mother insisted that her son was born with the condition.
“Bengingamenzi yena (I did not perform the prodcedure on him). I feared that I could hurt him,” the mother stated, while hinting that she used to perform the procedure on her other children.

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