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SITEKI – Social workers in Siteki were stunned yesterday when a mother asked that they adopt her newborn baby because she cannot afford to take care of him.

*Zaza (21) of Ndzangu area near Mpolonjeni in Siteki, gave birth to a bouncing baby at RFM Hospital five days ago.
However, yesterday morning she approached the Social Welfare department in Siteki and asked that social workers adopt her baby.
She told social workers that the father of the baby had disappeared, adding that his phone had been switched off ever since she gave birth to the baby.


She further told social workers that she would struggle to raise the baby on her own because she was unemployed and had no other sources of income.
Furthermore, she told social workers that her mother was working as a cleaner, hence she did not earn enough to take care of the baby together with her siblings. “Sometime I go to sleep without having eaten anything and I fear that the lack of nutrition could affect milk production in my breasts, thus affecting the baby,” she told this reporter after she spoke to social workers.

She stressed that putting up the baby for adoption was a better option than dumping him in a pit latrine or abandoning him in a forest. “All I need is someone to take care of the baby while I try to find work. I can also appreciate those who can pledge to provide me with food,” she said as she wept.


She revealed that the father of the baby had made it clear to her that he was not ready to have a child. She said after she had been admitted to hospital, the father of the baby did not even check on her.

After giving birth, Zaza tried to call the father of the baby but his phone was switched off. “I then contacted his aunt but she told me that there was nothing she could do for me,” she said.

She added that the aunt further told her that the family had advised the father of the baby to resign from work so that he could not be taken to court for failing to maintain the baby.

She said the father of the baby works for one of the firms around Matsapha. “From what the aunt told me, it became obvious that the baby would be my burden, hence I decided to approach the social welfare department,” she stated.

Social workers advised Zaza to keep the baby while they tried to find organisations that could assist her.
“In the meantime, we are going to provide her with counselling because she appears to be emotionally broken,” said a senior social worker.


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