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PIGG’S PEAK – A night out ended badly for Gugu Dlamini, who instead of spending a night at her house, ended up being hospitalised.

Dlamini alleged she was assaulted by two police officers who are said to have taken turns kicking her as she fell onto the ground near a road. She alleged that the incident happened in the early hours of yesterday when she was returning to her house. The police officers are alleged to have hit her all over her body, according to a statement she gave to medical personnel at the Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital where she was treated. Dlamini alleged that she had been communicating with a friend she was supposed to meet at a certain junction.


She alleged that when she met up with the said man, police officers also arrived and noticed that she was carrying alcohol. Dlamini further alleged the police officers then took away the alcohol and this resulted in an argument. She alleged that she could not recall what happened then but that the last words she remembers was ‘kudala sikufuna’, meaning ‘we have been looking for you’. A scuffle is alleged to have ensued during the argument, with the police officers allegedly hitting her all over her body as she fell to the tarmac. Dlamini said the man whom she was with at the time, tried to intervene but each time he held on to one of the police officers, the other continued to beat her up. She further alleged that there were four police officers in total but that only two alighted from the vehicle to assault her.

Dlamini further alleged that the police officers left her unconscious and reportedly returned to the police station. She claimed to be unaware why the police had a vendetta against her to the point of assaulting her. “The people who saw me lying on the ground then called an ambulance which quickly arrived,” said Dlamini.


She said she was then taken to the hospital in an unconscious state but when she arrived there, nurses wanted a police report. Her friends are said to have gone to the police station but they claimed that they were not assisted until they sought assistance from the station commander.

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