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MBABANE – The Minister of Information Communication and Technology, Princess Sikhanyiso, is at liberty to dress like the rest of Imbali during cultural events.

This was a response given by government spokesperson Percy Simelane in an interview on Friday. Simelane was interviewed following a public concern over the minister’s dress code during the recent Incwala Ceremony.
Unlike other maidens of her age, including Imbali Indvuna Nonduduzo Zubuko, the minister, who is also the leader of the regiment, appeared with her breasts uncovered.

The public seemed concerned about the princess’s choice of regalia as they were of the view that since she was now a minister, she would be more covered.
It should be noted though that being bare-breasted during cultural events is quite normal.

However, some members of the public felt that following the princess’s new status of being a minister of the Crown, she was supposed to choose a regalia that would cover her up.
In response to the public concerns, Simelane said as far as he was concerned, the princess was at liberty to present herself as Imbali despite that she was now a minister.

He said there was no law that forbids the minister from presenting herself as Imbali.
“Maybe it’s because the public is not used to a minister who is an Imbali. There is nothing sinister about her presenting herself as Imbali unless someone disputes that she belongs to the regiment,” Simelane said.
Notable was that the minister was always dressed in a respectable manner during public events.
No one has ever raised any concern about her dress code since her appointment as minister.

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