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When murder suspect Sipho Shongwe made a court appearance in court on Wednesday, Correctional officers did not just ensure he was safely guarded, but they went beyond their call of duty to try and frustrate the media from doing its work.

The Correctional officers attempted to block the press from taking photographs. We ask why and at whose instruction?
Should we now conclude that protection from the media is up for sale somewhere along the corridors of power at the Correctional Services, given that dozens of suspects, in both high profile and common cases, are brought to court each day and they receive no special treatment?

We do recall how some officers attempted to shield murder suspect Lucky ‘Obama’ Matsenjwa from the press and Commissioner General Ntshangase rightly condemned this act.
So why are we being subjected to it once again? Who has decided to take charge of the Correctional Services?
Surely this is insubordination of the highest order.

We call upon you Mr Commissioner General to take the appropriate action against these officers who are a disgrace to the Correctional Services and are placing the country higher up the rankings of media unfriendly countries. That is an investor deterrent status – thanks to a few media bullies!

What business do Correctional officers have in deciding how the media should go about doing its work and why the selective treatment?
 The Commissioner General Mzuthini Ntshangase should, once again, rebuke his charges, not just for their shameful act but also their flimsy attempt to justify the infringement of the rights of the media and the total violation of the country’s Constitution.

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