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GEGE – One could have sworn that Red Gown Sect members had seen Jesus Christ in the water as they caused a stampede when they rushed for their chance to be cleansed.

This was during their annual cleansing ceremony over the weekend at Manganganeni Dam. While senior members of the Red Gown Sect were still being cleansed, including Bishop Khanyakwezwe Vilakati, congregants could not wait to dip themselves into the water and collect as much as they could before the water was soiled.

This happened in the morning after a vigil where the church reflected on the previous year and also prayed for continuous blessings even this year.

While the senior priests were being cleansed by the bishop in the fenced dam, the rest of the members were ordered to wait for the green light for them to proceed. Even then, the congregants were instructed that they would be allowed into the dam in small groups to maintain order.

However, this was not enough for the brethren as they eagerly waited for their turn. The first group was allowed in and while they appeared to enjoy the cool ‘holy water’, others seemed to feel delayed. To show that they also wanted to have a feel of the sacred water and cleanse themselves while the water was still clean and holy enough, those who waited on the other side of the fence eventually pushed and shoved with the intention of getting in before time.

Some also tried to slide through under the cord that was used to fence the dam. The marshals tried all in their might to stop the impatient congregants from disrupting order. For a little while, the congregants appeared calm but after a few minutes, the shoving started again. The fittest men and women succeeded in gaining entry and as soon as they were inside the fenced area, they dashed into the water while speaking in tongues.

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