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image (1) Sicelo ‘Dzodzo’ Zikalala/Luthungo, (2) Mbuso Ncaza Nkosi and (3) the unidentified suspects who are the individuals suspected to be on the CCTV footage. (File pics)

MBABANE – He is on the run from the police for allegedly killing someone yet he too professes to hate killers.

Mbuso Ncaza Nkosi, whose picture was released by the Royal Swaziland Police on Friday, has been revealed as the third prime suspect in the murder of businessman Victor Gamedze.

Nkosi, who fled the country after allegedly committing the heinous crime, has a habit of venting his anger at men who abuse women.
He has revealed this side of him through posts he made on his social media site - Facebook where he had been active even yesterday.

A number of individuals, upon seeing that he was active on Facebook, sent him threatening messages and telling him that the long arm of the law would eventually catch up with him.

Judging by his last update, Nkosi is going through a tough time as he posted the message “Hard Living” on his timeline at around 5pm yesterday.

This led to some of his friends asking him what was wrong.
“What’s wrong Mbuso? Injobo ithungelwa ebandla,” wrote one of his friends
In one of Nkosi’s posts, he expressed his madness at women abusers.

“I hate guys who kill our lovely and sweet sisters. Just wish all those monsters must rot in hell where they belong,” he wrote in one of his posts last year.

Nkosi also revealed on social media that he has a daughter he loved very much. In one of his numerous posts where he complains bitterly about women abusers, he talks about the fact that he wants to ensure that the area he lives in is safe from women beaters and molesters because he too has a daughter.

Although he is wanted in connection with the heinous crime of murder; his Facebook posts reveal a softer side to him.
“I’m really sick and tired of these cowards who attack woman; if I can find them, hell will break I hv a daughter and I’m living in fear of this jecks nxsa.”(sic)

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