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SHISELWENI – When confronted with difficult situations, some people find themselves making statements, which they would not have made in normal situations.

A manager of a certain company is said to have found himself in such a position and subsequently made statements, which demean the country’s laws and how they are enacted.   

He is alleged to have made the derogatory remarks during a staff meeting early last month, after the employers had made him aware that there were legislations that authorised trade unions in the country.


About 40 employees are said to have attended the meeting, where they were drawing strategies for the New Year.
Some of the workers have revealed that it all started when the manager advised the workers against being members of the union.
“The manager who was leading the meeting gave us a new slogan saying for those who would not withdraw from the union this year it would be ‘Omunye Phez’komunye’, something we translated as a threat to mean that it would be the survival of the fittest.”

During the meeting some of the vocal employees are said to have queried their supervisor about the alleged hatred of the union.
“We told him that unions were allowed in the country because they operated under a legal instrument, a law that was signed by authorities. To our shock though, the manager still insisted that in this company it would not be the case.”

These employees alleged that over the years they have been frustrated for subscribing to their union, the Public and Private Sector Transport Workers Union (PPSTWU).

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